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Username     Image Filename                  Info Object       Date            Location Telescope  Size

sbdeshazo    HATP-10-B-100610180545.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   10-Jun-10 18:05 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp218     HATP-10-B-100415011628.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   15-Apr-10 01:16 AZ       Ben        002 K

lh_jh1be16   HATP-10-B-100309054734.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   09-Mar-10 05:47 AZ       Ben        142 K

lh_jhfr08    HATP-10-B-100309050237.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   09-Mar-10 05:02 AZ       Ben        142 K

stepht92     HATP-10-B-100218211716.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   18-Feb-10 21:17 AZ       Ben        002 K

rickyg91     HATP-10-B-100218210308.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   18-Feb-10 21:03 AZ       Ben        002 K

stepht92     HATP-10-B-100218203732.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   18-Feb-10 20:37 AZ       Ben        002 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-10-B-100216011513.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   16-Feb-10 01:15 AZ       Ben        002 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-10-B-100216011004.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   16-Feb-10 01:10 AZ       Ben        002 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-10-B-100216010819.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   16-Feb-10 01:08 AZ       Ben        002 K

ffs          HATP-10-B-100204071213.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   04-Feb-10 07:12 AZ       Ben        156 K

ffs          HATP-10-B-100204070912.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   04-Feb-10 07:09 AZ       Ben        154 K

ffs          HATP-10-B-100204070613.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   04-Feb-10 07:06 AZ       Ben        154 K

ffs          HATP-10-B-100204070410.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   04-Feb-10 07:04 AZ       Ben        153 K

ffs          HATP-10-B-100204070228.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   04-Feb-10 07:02 AZ       Ben        152 K

ch_pc1eb01   HATP-10-B-100126050210.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Jan-10 05:02 AZ       Ben        172 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211043617.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 04:36 AZ       Ben        130 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211043015.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 04:30 AZ       Ben        130 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211042414.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 04:24 AZ       Ben        132 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211041812.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 04:18 AZ       Ben        133 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211041216.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 04:12 AZ       Ben        135 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211040614.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 04:06 AZ       Ben        135 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211040013.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 04:00 AZ       Ben        134 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211035613.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 03:56 AZ       Ben        134 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211034817.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 03:48 AZ       Ben        137 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211034215.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 03:42 AZ       Ben        135 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211033613.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 03:36 AZ       Ben        136 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211033017.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 03:30 AZ       Ben        135 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211032415.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 03:24 AZ       Ben        132 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211031814.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 03:18 AZ       Ben        133 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211031213.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 03:12 AZ       Ben        133 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211030615.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 03:06 AZ       Ben        134 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211030013.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 03:00 AZ       Ben        134 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211025412.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 02:54 AZ       Ben        134 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211024815.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 02:48 AZ       Ben        134 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211024213.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 02:42 AZ       Ben        134 K

df_sm1xxoo   HATP-10-B-091211023913.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 02:39 AZ       Ben        133 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211023613.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 02:36 AZ       Ben        133 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211023012.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 02:30 AZ       Ben        134 K

df_sm1xxoo   HATP-10-B-091211022713.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 02:27 AZ       Ben        134 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211022414.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 02:24 AZ       Ben        133 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211021812.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 02:18 AZ       Ben        133 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211021216.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 02:12 AZ       Ben        134 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211020613.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 02:06 AZ       Ben        133 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211020015.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 02:00 AZ       Ben        135 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211015413.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 01:54 AZ       Ben        135 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211014815.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 01:48 AZ       Ben        134 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211014212.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 01:42 AZ       Ben        135 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211013742.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 01:37 AZ       Ben        137 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211012744.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 01:27 AZ       Ben        147 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211012052.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 01:20 AZ       Ben        168 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211010613.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 01:06 AZ       Ben        279 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091211010124.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Dec-09 01:01 AZ       Ben        277 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091126073312.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 07:33 AZ       Ben        151 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091126073013.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 07:30 AZ       Ben        156 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091126072713.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 07:27 AZ       Ben        160 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091126072413.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 07:24 AZ       Ben        166 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091126072112.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 07:21 AZ       Ben        167 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091126071813.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 07:18 AZ       Ben        163 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091126071512.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 07:15 AZ       Ben        165 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091126071213.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 07:12 AZ       Ben        165 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091126070913.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 07:09 AZ       Ben        167 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091126070613.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 07:06 AZ       Ben        166 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091126070313.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 07:03 AZ       Ben        173 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091126065713.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 06:57 AZ       Ben        169 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091126065413.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 06:54 AZ       Ben        176 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091126065112.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 06:51 AZ       Ben        177 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091126064813.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 06:48 AZ       Ben        175 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091126064535.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 06:45 AZ       Ben        168 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091126064354.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 06:43 AZ       Ben        171 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091126064213.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 06:42 AZ       Ben        173 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091126063913.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 06:39 AZ       Ben        173 K

rgould       HATP-10-B-091126063612.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 06:36 AZ       Ben        179 K

ch_pc1rs12   HATP-10-B-091126063012.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 06:30 AZ       Ben        169 K

chpc1sz14    HATP-10-B-091126062713.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 06:27 AZ       Ben        175 K

ch_pc1rs12   HATP-10-B-091126062413.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 06:24 AZ       Ben        169 K

ch_pc1rs12   HATP-10-B-091126061815.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 06:18 AZ       Ben        169 K

ch_pc1kr11   HATP-10-B-091126061213.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 06:12 AZ       Ben        166 K

ch_pc1kr11   HATP-10-B-091126060617.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 06:06 AZ       Ben        169 K

ch_pc1kr11   HATP-10-B-091126060014.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 06:00 AZ       Ben        165 K

ch_pc1bp10   HATP-10-B-091126055412.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 05:54 AZ       Ben        161 K

ch_pc1bp10   HATP-10-B-091126054816.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 05:48 AZ       Ben        168 K

ch_pc1bp10   HATP-10-B-091126054212.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 05:42 AZ       Ben        160 K

ch_pc1ap09   HATP-10-B-091126053613.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 05:36 AZ       Ben        161 K

ch_pc1ap09   HATP-10-B-091126053013.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 05:30 AZ       Ben        155 K

ch_pc1ap09   HATP-10-B-091126052412.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 05:24 AZ       Ben        155 K

ch_pc1rm08   HATP-10-B-091126051816.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 05:18 AZ       Ben        155 K

ch_pc1rm08   HATP-10-B-091126051213.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 05:12 AZ       Ben        156 K

ch_pc1rm08   HATP-10-B-091126050613.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 05:06 AZ       Ben        156 K

chpc1sz14    HATP-10-B-091126050313.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 05:03 AZ       Ben        156 K

ch_pc1bm07   HATP-10-B-091126050016.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 05:00 AZ       Ben        157 K

ch_pc1bm07   HATP-10-B-091126045413.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 04:54 AZ       Ben        157 K

ch_pc1bm07   HATP-10-B-091126044817.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 04:48 AZ       Ben        158 K

ch_pc1ak06   HATP-10-B-091126044213.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 04:42 AZ       Ben        158 K

ch_pc1ak06   HATP-10-B-091126043618.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 04:36 AZ       Ben        158 K

ch_pc1ak06   HATP-10-B-091126043013.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 04:30 AZ       Ben        158 K

ch_pc1mj05   HATP-10-B-091126042412.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 04:24 AZ       Ben        159 K

ch_pc1mj05   HATP-10-B-091126041816.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 04:18 AZ       Ben        158 K

ch_pc1mj05   HATP-10-B-091126041215.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 04:12 AZ       Ben        159 K

ch_pc1sg04   HATP-10-B-091126040613.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 04:06 AZ       Ben        159 K

ch_pc1sg04   HATP-10-B-091126040015.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 04:00 AZ       Ben        160 K

ch_pc1sg04   HATP-10-B-091126035413.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 03:54 AZ       Ben        160 K

ch_pc1ae03   HATP-10-B-091126034814.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 03:48 AZ       Ben        160 K

chpc1sz14    HATP-10-B-091126034513.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 03:45 AZ       Ben        161 K

ch_pc1ae03   HATP-10-B-091126034213.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 03:42 AZ       Ben        162 K

ch_pc1ae03   HATP-10-B-091126033616.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 03:36 AZ       Ben        161 K

ch_pc1bm07   HATP-10-B-091126033012.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 03:30 AZ       Ben        162 K

ch_pc1bm07   HATP-10-B-091126032416.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 03:24 AZ       Ben        162 K

ch_pc1bm07   HATP-10-B-091126031813.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 03:18 AZ       Ben        163 K

ch_pc1eb01   HATP-10-B-091126031308.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 03:13 AZ       Ben        163 K

ch_pc1eb01   HATP-10-B-091126030149.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   26-Nov-09 03:01 AZ       Ben        163 K

chpc1sz14    HATP-10-B-091125085441.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   25-Nov-09 08:54 AZ       Ben        106 K

ch_pc1kr11   HATP-10-B-091125083128.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   25-Nov-09 08:31 AZ       Ben        087 K

ch_pc1rs12   HATP-10-B-091125081312.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   25-Nov-09 08:13 AZ       Ben        135 K

ch_pc1ak06   HATP-10-B-091125060151.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   25-Nov-09 06:01 AZ       Ben        144 K

ch_pc1bp10   HATP-10-B-091121060030.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   21-Nov-09 06:00 AZ       Ben        134 K

chpc1sz14    HATP-10-B-091121054405.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   21-Nov-09 05:44 AZ       Ben        108 K

ch_pc1bm07   HATP-10-B-091121050130.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   21-Nov-09 05:01 AZ       Ben        135 K

wp_jb2sd06   HATP-10-B-091114100040.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   14-Nov-09 10:00 AZ       Ben        131 K

wp_jb2sd06   HATP-10-B-091114092529.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   14-Nov-09 09:25 AZ       Ben        089 K

wp_jb2sd06   HATP-10-B-091114092057.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   14-Nov-09 09:20 AZ       Ben        105 K

wp_jb2sd06   HATP-10-B-091114091906.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   14-Nov-09 09:19 AZ       Ben        102 K

wp_jb2sd06   HATP-10-B-091114091355.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   14-Nov-09 09:13 AZ       Ben        098 K

wp_jb2sd06   HATP-10-B-091114090926.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   14-Nov-09 09:09 AZ       Ben        093 K

wp_jb2sd06   HATP-10-B-091114090032.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   14-Nov-09 09:00 AZ       Ben        123 K

wp_jb2em14   HATP-10-B-091114070811.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   14-Nov-09 07:08 AZ       Ben        094 K

ls_ah2al15   HATP-10-B-091112102413.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 10:24 AZ       Ben        150 K

ls_ah2mo19   HATP-10-B-091112101813.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 10:18 AZ       Ben        152 K

ls_ah2kk14   HATP-10-B-091112100614.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 10:06 AZ       Ben        149 K

wp_jb2an15   HATP-10-B-091112100013.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 10:00 AZ       Ben        149 K

ls_ah2jf04   HATP-10-B-091112095552.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 09:55 AZ       Ben        150 K

wp_jb2mt27   HATP-10-B-091112095413.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 09:54 AZ       Ben        150 K

ls_ah2lh10   HATP-10-B-091112094813.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 09:48 AZ       Ben        150 K

ls_ah2sk13   HATP-10-B-091112094213.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 09:42 AZ       Ben        150 K

ls_ah2mh09   HATP-10-B-091112093613.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 09:36 AZ       Ben        151 K

wp_jb2ar19   HATP-10-B-091112093313.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 09:33 AZ       Ben        149 K

ls_ah2jh08   HATP-10-B-091112093013.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 09:30 AZ       Ben        150 K

ls_ah2kh07   HATP-10-B-091112092413.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 09:24 AZ       Ben        149 K

wp_jb2as20   HATP-10-B-091112091708.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 09:17 AZ       Ben        103 K

wp_jb2ns21   HATP-10-B-091112091530.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 09:15 AZ       Ben        147 K

ls_ah2dh06   HATP-10-B-091112091353.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 09:13 AZ       Ben        150 K

ls_ah2aj11   HATP-10-B-091112091213.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 09:12 AZ       Ben        149 K

ls_ah2nd02   HATP-10-B-091112090752.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 09:07 AZ       Ben        149 K

wp_jb2ep17   HATP-10-B-091112090613.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 09:06 AZ       Ben        148 K

ls_ah2mr20   HATP-10-B-091112090152.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 09:01 AZ       Ben        149 K

wp_jb2mm12   HATP-10-B-091112090013.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 09:00 AZ       Ben        149 K

ls_ah2sc01   HATP-10-B-091112085412.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 08:54 AZ       Ben        150 K

wp_jb2jp16   HATP-10-B-091112085113.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 08:51 AZ       Ben        148 K

ls_ah2al16   HATP-10-B-091112084813.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 08:48 AZ       Ben        149 K

ls_ah2jn18   HATP-10-B-091112084213.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 08:42 AZ       Ben        149 K

ls_ah2ik12   HATP-10-B-091112083613.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 08:36 AZ       Ben        148 K

ls_ah2ls21   HATP-10-B-091112083013.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 08:30 AZ       Ben        149 K

ls_ah2ss22   HATP-10-B-091112082413.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 08:24 AZ       Ben        149 K

ls_ah2cw27   HATP-10-B-091112081813.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 08:18 AZ       Ben        150 K

ls_ah2ks24   HATP-10-B-091112081213.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 08:12 AZ       Ben        149 K

ls_ah2nw29   HATP-10-B-091112080712.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 08:07 AZ       Ben        148 K

ls_ah2rt25   HATP-10-B-091112080013.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 08:00 AZ       Ben        148 K

ls_ah2iw26   HATP-10-B-091112075413.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 07:54 AZ       Ben        148 K

ls_ah2es23   HATP-10-B-091112074814.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 07:48 AZ       Ben        147 K

ls_ah2zw28   HATP-10-B-091112074214.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 07:42 AZ       Ben        147 K

ls_ah4am19   HATP-10-B-091112073613.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 07:36 AZ       Ben        146 K

wp_jb2sd06   HATP-10-B-091112073151.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 07:31 AZ       Ben        146 K

ls_ah4sa02   HATP-10-B-091112073013.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 07:30 AZ       Ben        147 K

ls_ah4kh13   HATP-10-B-091112072412.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 07:24 AZ       Ben        147 K

ls_ah4jt26   HATP-10-B-091112071813.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 07:18 AZ       Ben        147 K

ls_ah4gb04   HATP-10-B-091112071213.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 07:12 AZ       Ben        147 K

ls_ah4kd08   HATP-10-B-091112070613.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 07:06 AZ       Ben        147 K

ls_ah4ma01   HATP-10-B-091112070013.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 07:00 AZ       Ben        148 K

ls_ah4wf11   HATP-10-B-091112065413.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 06:54 AZ       Ben        147 K

ls_ah4cd07   HATP-10-B-091112064823.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 06:48 AZ       Ben        147 K

ls_ah4tb05   HATP-10-B-091112064213.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 06:42 AZ       Ben        147 K

ls_ah4ah16   HATP-10-B-091112063614.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 06:36 AZ       Ben        147 K

ls_ah4lv28   HATP-10-B-091112063014.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 06:30 AZ       Ben        146 K

ls_ah4gf10   HATP-10-B-091112062414.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 06:24 AZ       Ben        146 K

ls_ah4ks23   HATP-10-B-091112061814.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 06:18 AZ       Ben        144 K

ls_ah4ez29   HATP-10-B-091112061213.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 06:12 AZ       Ben        145 K

ls_ah4zd09   HATP-10-B-091112060613.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 06:06 AZ       Ben        145 K

wp_jb4rp17   HATP-10-B-091112060313.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 06:03 AZ       Ben        144 K

ls_ah4th15   HATP-10-B-091112060013.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 06:00 AZ       Ben        144 K

ls_ah4kb03   HATP-10-B-091112055413.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 05:54 AZ       Ben        143 K

ls_ah4gh12   HATP-10-B-091112054813.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 05:48 AZ       Ben        144 K

ls_ah4ds25   HATP-10-B-091112054213.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 05:42 AZ       Ben        143 K

ls_ah4jh14   HATP-10-B-091112053613.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 05:36 AZ       Ben        144 K

ls_ah4bj17   HATP-10-B-091112053013.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 05:30 AZ       Ben        143 K

ls_ah4ts24   HATP-10-B-091112052414.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 05:24 AZ       Ben        144 K

ls_ah4tb06   HATP-10-B-091112051813.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 05:18 AZ       Ben        144 K

ls_ah4lp21   HATP-10-B-091112051214.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 05:12 AZ       Ben        145 K

ls_ah4lo20   HATP-10-B-091112050758.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   12-Nov-09 05:07 AZ       Ben        146 K

ls_ah4dr22   HATP-10-B-091111050617.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Nov-09 05:06 AZ       Ben        154 K

ls_ah2cf03   HATP-10-B-091111045708.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   11-Nov-09 04:57 AZ       Ben        153 K

wp_jbcn16    HATP-10-B-091104031600.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   04-Nov-09 03:16 AZ       Ben        187 K

wp_jb3ek15   HATP-10-B-091101061513.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 06:15 AZ       Ben        215 K

wp_jb3ek15   HATP-10-B-091101060320.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 06:03 AZ       Ben        216 K

wp_jb4sg08   HATP-10-B-091101055734.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 05:57 AZ       Ben        216 K

wp_jb4sg08   HATP-10-B-091101055430.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 05:54 AZ       Ben        135 K

wp_jb4sg08   HATP-10-B-091101054832.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 05:48 AZ       Ben        157 K

wp_jb4sg08   HATP-10-B-091101054513.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 05:45 AZ       Ben        216 K

wp_jb3ek15   HATP-10-B-091101053313.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 05:33 AZ       Ben        216 K

wp_jb3ek15   HATP-10-B-091101051213.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 05:12 AZ       Ben        217 K

wp_jb3ek15   HATP-10-B-091101045134.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 04:51 AZ       Ben        218 K

wp_jb4as19   HATP-10-B-091101044213.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 04:42 AZ       Ben        134 K

wp_jb4as19   HATP-10-B-091101043632.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 04:36 AZ       Ben        139 K

wp_jb4ms18   HATP-10-B-091101042433.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 04:24 AZ       Ben        141 K

wp_jb3ek15   HATP-10-B-091101040012.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 04:00 AZ       Ben        220 K

wp_jb3ek15   HATP-10-B-091101033013.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 03:30 AZ       Ben        223 K

wp_jb1kz28   HATP-10-B-091101030713.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 03:07 AZ       Ben        192 K

wp_jb4mm12   HATP-10-B-091101030314.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 03:03 AZ       Ben        146 K

wp_jb4mm12   HATP-10-B-091101025716.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 02:57 AZ       Ben        147 K

wp_jb3ek15   HATP-10-B-091101025114.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 02:51 AZ       Ben        229 K

wp_jb3ek15   HATP-10-B-091101024213.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 02:42 AZ       Ben        230 K

wp_jb3ek15   HATP-10-B-091101023913.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 02:39 AZ       Ben        231 K

wp_jb4fa01   HATP-10-B-091101023313.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 02:33 AZ       Ben        232 K

wp_jb3ek15   HATP-10-B-091101023034.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 02:30 AZ       Ben        233 K

wp_jb4rl11   HATP-10-B-091101022853.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 02:28 AZ       Ben        233 K

wp_jb4fa01   HATP-10-B-091101022713.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 02:27 AZ       Ben        234 K

wp_jb4xxoo   HATP-10-B-091101022413.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 02:24 AZ       Ben        233 K

wp_jb4xxoo   HATP-10-B-091101022113.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 02:21 AZ       Ben        234 K

wp_jb4xxoo   HATP-10-B-091101021813.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 02:18 AZ       Ben        235 K

wp_jb4xxoo   HATP-10-B-091101021513.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 02:15 AZ       Ben        236 K

wp_jb4xxoo   HATP-10-B-091101021221.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 02:12 AZ       Ben        237 K

wp_jb3ek15   HATP-10-B-091101020129.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   01-Nov-09 02:01 AZ       Ben        240 K

wp_jb3ek15   HATP-10-B-091031051832.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   31-Oct-09 05:18 AZ       Ben        188 K

wp_jb3ek15   HATP-10-B-091031045830.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   31-Oct-09 04:58 AZ       Ben        189 K

wp_jb3ek15   HATP-10-B-091031043409.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   31-Oct-09 04:34 AZ       Ben        192 K

wp_jb3ek15   HATP-10-B-091031042012.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   31-Oct-09 04:20 AZ       Ben        193 K

wp_jb4xxoo   HATP-10-B-091031022432.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   31-Oct-09 02:24 AZ       Ben        224 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027121513.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 12:15 AZ       Ben        148 K

ma_jk1jb03   HATP-10-B-091027120013.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 12:00 AZ       Ben        147 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027114513.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 11:45 AZ       Ben        147 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027113313.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 11:33 AZ       Ben        147 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027111512.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 11:15 AZ       Ben        144 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027110613.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 11:06 AZ       Ben        144 K

ma_jk1sk10   HATP-10-B-091027110012.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 11:00 AZ       Ben        145 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027104813.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 10:48 AZ       Ben        143 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027103913.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 10:39 AZ       Ben        143 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027103013.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 10:30 AZ       Ben        143 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027101830.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 10:18 AZ       Ben        142 K

ma_jk1jb03   HATP-10-B-091027100924.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 10:09 AZ       Ben        107 K

ma_jk1jb03   HATP-10-B-091027100718.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 10:07 AZ       Ben        115 K

ma_jk1jb03   HATP-10-B-091027100527.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 10:05 AZ       Ben        108 K

ma_jk1jb03   HATP-10-B-091027100329.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 10:03 AZ       Ben        100 K

ma_jk1jb03   HATP-10-B-091027100013.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 10:00 AZ       Ben        143 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027095113.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 09:51 AZ       Ben        142 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027094213.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 09:42 AZ       Ben        141 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027093912.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 09:39 AZ       Ben        141 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027093029.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 09:30 AZ       Ben        141 K

ma_jk1jm02   HATP-10-B-091027092430.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 09:24 AZ       Ben        098 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027091513.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 09:15 AZ       Ben        142 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027090802.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 09:08 AZ       Ben        141 K

ma_jk1jm02   HATP-10-B-091027090605.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 09:06 AZ       Ben        114 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027090408.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 09:04 AZ       Ben        142 K

ma_jk1sl01   HATP-10-B-091027090210.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 09:02 AZ       Ben        117 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027090012.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 09:00 AZ       Ben        141 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027084513.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 08:45 AZ       Ben        142 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027083013.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 08:30 AZ       Ben        139 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027081512.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 08:15 AZ       Ben        137 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027080726.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 08:07 AZ       Ben        138 K

jck          HATP-10-B-091027080332.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 08:03 AZ       Ben        136 K

ma_jk1jb03   HATP-10-B-091027080152.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 08:01 AZ       Ben        138 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027080012.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 08:00 AZ       Ben        136 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027074812.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 07:48 AZ       Ben        139 K

ma_jk1xx00   HATP-10-B-091027074349.GIF      Info HATP-10-B-   27-Oct-09 07:43 AZ       Ben        141 K