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Username     Image Filename                  Info Object       Date            Location Telescope  Size

fdeutsch     HATP-12-B-100714040546.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   14-Jul-10 04:05 AZ       Ben        148 K

sh_nc3dc02   HATP-12-B-100609090620.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   09-Jun-10 09:06 AZ       Ben        144 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531113014.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 11:30 AZ       Ben        302 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531110014.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 11:00 AZ       Ben        196 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531103014.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 10:30 AZ       Ben        187 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531100014.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 10:00 AZ       Ben        180 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531093013.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 09:30 AZ       Ben        175 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531090015.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 09:00 AZ       Ben        171 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531083155.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 08:31 AZ       Ben        166 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531083014.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 08:30 AZ       Ben        167 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531080014.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 08:00 AZ       Ben        165 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531073914.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 07:39 AZ       Ben        162 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531073014.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 07:30 AZ       Ben        163 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531071514.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 07:15 AZ       Ben        161 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531070616.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 07:06 AZ       Ben        160 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531070014.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 07:00 AZ       Ben        160 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531064513.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 06:45 AZ       Ben        160 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531063155.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 06:31 AZ       Ben        158 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531063014.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 06:30 AZ       Ben        158 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531061514.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 06:15 AZ       Ben        151 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531060016.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 06:00 AZ       Ben        156 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531055414.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 05:54 AZ       Ben        155 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531054514.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 05:45 AZ       Ben        156 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531053615.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 05:36 AZ       Ben        153 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531053014.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 05:30 AZ       Ben        152 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531051814.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 05:18 AZ       Ben        150 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531050913.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 05:09 AZ       Ben        147 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531050156.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 05:01 AZ       Ben        146 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531050014.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 05:00 AZ       Ben        146 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531043014.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 04:30 AZ       Ben        147 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531040014.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 04:00 AZ       Ben        149 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531033013.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 03:30 AZ       Ben        161 K

jck          HATP-12-B-100531030144.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   31-May-10 03:01 AZ       Ben        279 K

ma_jk2gi07   HATP-12-B-100525051359.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   25-May-10 05:13 AZ       Ben        324 K

ma_jk3at11   HATP-12-B-100522033145.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   22-May-10 03:31 AZ       Ben        174 K

ma_jk2mb03   HATP-12-B-100515071514.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 07:15 AZ       Ben        133 K

ma_jk2mb03   HATP-12-B-100515070014.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 07:00 AZ       Ben        134 K

ma_jk2ds01   HATP-12-B-100515064514.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 06:45 AZ       Ben        142 K

ma_jk2mb03   HATP-12-B-100515063014.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 06:30 AZ       Ben        140 K

ma_jk2ds01   HATP-12-B-100515061514.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 06:15 AZ       Ben        136 K

ma_jk2mb03   HATP-12-B-100515060647.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 06:06 AZ       Ben        136 K

ma_jk2mb03   HATP-12-B-100515060014.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 06:00 AZ       Ben        135 K

ma_jk2ds01   HATP-12-B-100515054514.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 05:45 AZ       Ben        134 K

ma_jk2mb03   HATP-12-B-100515053048.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 05:30 AZ       Ben        136 K

ma_jk2ds01   HATP-12-B-100515051514.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 05:15 AZ       Ben        136 K

ma_jk2mb03   HATP-12-B-100515050014.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 05:00 AZ       Ben        137 K

ma_jk2ds01   HATP-12-B-100515045714.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 04:57 AZ       Ben        136 K

ma_jk2ds01   HATP-12-B-100515045114.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 04:51 AZ       Ben        135 K

ma_jk2ds01   HATP-12-B-100515044514.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 04:45 AZ       Ben        138 K

ma_jk2mb03   HATP-12-B-100515043015.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 04:30 AZ       Ben        140 K

ma_jk2ds01   HATP-12-B-100515042414.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 04:24 AZ       Ben        142 K

ma_jk2ds01   HATP-12-B-100515041513.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 04:15 AZ       Ben        144 K

ma_jk2mb03   HATP-12-B-100515040014.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 04:00 AZ       Ben        140 K

ma_jk2ds01   HATP-12-B-100515034514.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 03:45 AZ       Ben        142 K

ma_jk2mb03   HATP-12-B-100515034213.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 03:42 AZ       Ben        143 K

ma_jk2mb03   HATP-12-B-100515033014.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 03:30 AZ       Ben        146 K

ma_jk2ds01   HATP-12-B-100515031514.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 03:15 AZ       Ben        150 K

ma_jk2ds01   HATP-12-B-100515030014.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 03:00 AZ       Ben        211 K

ma_jk2ds01   HATP-12-B-100515024654.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-May-10 02:46 AZ       Ben        002 K

mrs          HATP-12-B-100514061422.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   14-May-10 06:14 AZ       Ben        129 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502102713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 10:27 AZ       Ben        155 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502102413.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 10:24 AZ       Ben        155 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502102113.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 10:21 AZ       Ben        154 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502101813.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 10:18 AZ       Ben        155 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502101513.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 10:15 AZ       Ben        153 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502101213.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 10:12 AZ       Ben        155 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502100913.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 10:09 AZ       Ben        154 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502100613.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 10:06 AZ       Ben        153 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502100313.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 10:03 AZ       Ben        153 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502100012.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 10:00 AZ       Ben        152 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502095713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 09:57 AZ       Ben        153 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502095413.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 09:54 AZ       Ben        153 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502095113.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 09:51 AZ       Ben        153 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502094812.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 09:48 AZ       Ben        152 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502094513.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 09:45 AZ       Ben        152 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502094212.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 09:42 AZ       Ben        151 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502093913.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 09:39 AZ       Ben        151 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502093613.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 09:36 AZ       Ben        152 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502093313.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 09:33 AZ       Ben        151 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502093013.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 09:30 AZ       Ben        150 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502092712.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 09:27 AZ       Ben        150 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502092413.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 09:24 AZ       Ben        151 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502092113.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 09:21 AZ       Ben        151 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502091813.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 09:18 AZ       Ben        151 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502091513.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 09:15 AZ       Ben        150 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502091213.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 09:12 AZ       Ben        150 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502090912.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 09:09 AZ       Ben        150 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502090613.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 09:06 AZ       Ben        150 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502090314.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 09:03 AZ       Ben        150 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502090013.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 09:00 AZ       Ben        150 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502085712.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 08:57 AZ       Ben        149 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502085413.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 08:54 AZ       Ben        150 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502085113.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 08:51 AZ       Ben        149 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502084813.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 08:48 AZ       Ben        150 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502084512.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 08:45 AZ       Ben        148 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502084213.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 08:42 AZ       Ben        149 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502083912.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 08:39 AZ       Ben        149 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502083614.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 08:36 AZ       Ben        149 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502083313.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 08:33 AZ       Ben        149 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502083013.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 08:30 AZ       Ben        148 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502082713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 08:27 AZ       Ben        149 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502082413.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 08:24 AZ       Ben        148 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502082113.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 08:21 AZ       Ben        147 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502081813.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 08:18 AZ       Ben        148 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502081513.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 08:15 AZ       Ben        148 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502081212.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 08:12 AZ       Ben        147 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502080913.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 08:09 AZ       Ben        148 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502080613.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 08:06 AZ       Ben        146 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502080313.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 08:03 AZ       Ben        146 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502080012.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 08:00 AZ       Ben        146 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502075713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 07:57 AZ       Ben        146 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502075412.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 07:54 AZ       Ben        144 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502075113.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 07:51 AZ       Ben        147 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502074813.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 07:48 AZ       Ben        148 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502074513.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 07:45 AZ       Ben        152 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502074213.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 07:42 AZ       Ben        154 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502073913.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 07:39 AZ       Ben        146 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502073613.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 07:36 AZ       Ben        146 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502073313.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 07:33 AZ       Ben        147 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502073013.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 07:30 AZ       Ben        147 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502072713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 07:27 AZ       Ben        146 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502072413.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 07:24 AZ       Ben        145 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502072113.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 07:21 AZ       Ben        146 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502071813.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 07:18 AZ       Ben        146 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502071512.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 07:15 AZ       Ben        145 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502070916.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 07:09 AZ       Ben        144 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502070316.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 07:03 AZ       Ben        142 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502065713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 06:57 AZ       Ben        143 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502065117.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 06:51 AZ       Ben        143 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502064514.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 06:45 AZ       Ben        141 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502063912.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 06:39 AZ       Ben        140 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502063315.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 06:33 AZ       Ben        139 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502062712.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 06:27 AZ       Ben        140 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502062148.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 06:21 AZ       Ben        132 K

rgould       HATP-12-B-100502062007.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-May-10 06:20 AZ       Ben        136 K

majkp219     HATP-12-B-100426081231.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   26-Apr-10 08:12 AZ       Ben        202 K

kprice       HATP-12-B-100426080221.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   26-Apr-10 08:02 AZ       Ben        124 K

majkp219     HATP-12-B-100426060150.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   26-Apr-10 06:01 AZ       Ben        199 K

majkp217     HATP-12-B-100424091411.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Apr-10 09:14 AZ       Ben        147 K

majkp214     HATP-12-B-100424082412.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Apr-10 08:24 AZ       Ben        151 K

majkp2156    HATP-12-B-100424081213.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Apr-10 08:12 AZ       Ben        151 K

majkp214     HATP-12-B-100424080913.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Apr-10 08:09 AZ       Ben        153 K

majkp205     HATP-12-B-100424080313.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Apr-10 08:03 AZ       Ben        156 K

majkp2156    HATP-12-B-100424080013.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Apr-10 08:00 AZ       Ben        152 K

majkp217     HATP-12-B-100424075413.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Apr-10 07:54 AZ       Ben        152 K

majkp209     HATP-12-B-100424074831.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Apr-10 07:48 AZ       Ben        152 K

majkp209     HATP-12-B-100424074651.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Apr-10 07:46 AZ       Ben        152 K

majkp209     HATP-12-B-100424074512.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Apr-10 07:45 AZ       Ben        152 K

majkp206a    HATP-12-B-100424073013.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Apr-10 07:30 AZ       Ben        153 K

majkp208     HATP-12-B-100424070453.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Apr-10 07:04 AZ       Ben        153 K

majkp208     HATP-12-B-100424070313.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Apr-10 07:03 AZ       Ben        153 K

majkp208     HATP-12-B-100424070013.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Apr-10 07:00 AZ       Ben        154 K

majkp209     HATP-12-B-100424064654.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Apr-10 06:46 AZ       Ben        154 K

majkp218     HATP-12-B-100424050144.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Apr-10 05:01 AZ       Ben        160 K

majkp218     HATP-12-B-100424041337.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Apr-10 04:13 AZ       Ben        164 K

majkp205     HATP-12-B-100424012113.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Apr-10 01:21 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp205     HATP-12-B-100424010135.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Apr-10 01:01 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp219     HATP-12-B-100418080950.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Apr-10 08:09 AZ       Ben        122 K

majkp219     HATP-12-B-100418080339.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Apr-10 08:03 AZ       Ben        131 K

majkp204     HATP-12-B-100417100913.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 10:09 AZ       Ben        100 K

majkp211     HATP-12-B-100417094411.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 09:44 AZ       Ben        101 K

majkp201     HATP-12-B-100417084518.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 08:45 AZ       Ben        097 K

majkp206a    HATP-12-B-100417082446.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 08:24 AZ       Ben        102 K

majkp206a    HATP-12-B-100417081208.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 08:12 AZ       Ben        104 K

majkp214     HATP-12-B-100417080923.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 08:09 AZ       Ben        104 K

majkp219     HATP-12-B-100417080517.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 08:05 AZ       Ben        109 K

majkp210     HATP-12-B-100417080406.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 08:04 AZ       Ben        100 K

majkp205     HATP-12-B-100417080252.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 08:02 AZ       Ben        089 K

majkp204     HATP-12-B-100417080144.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 08:01 AZ       Ben        101 K

majkp2156    HATP-12-B-100417080035.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 08:00 AZ       Ben        114 K

majkp202     HATP-12-B-100417075607.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 07:56 AZ       Ben        088 K

majkp217     HATP-12-B-100417075453.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 07:54 AZ       Ben        106 K

majkp202     HATP-12-B-100417075413.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 07:54 AZ       Ben        078 K

majkp210     HATP-12-B-100417074513.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 07:45 AZ       Ben        100 K

majkp214     HATP-12-B-100417073932.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 07:39 AZ       Ben        114 K

majkp212     HATP-12-B-100417072730.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 07:27 AZ       Ben        090 K

majkp214     HATP-12-B-100417070618.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 07:06 AZ       Ben        097 K

majkp217     HATP-12-B-100417070231.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 07:02 AZ       Ben        090 K

majkp208     HATP-12-B-100417070032.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 07:00 AZ       Ben        119 K

majkp204     HATP-12-B-100417065807.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 06:58 AZ       Ben        098 K

majkp2156    HATP-12-B-100417065527.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 06:55 AZ       Ben        106 K

majkp209     HATP-12-B-100417065430.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 06:54 AZ       Ben        104 K

majkp213     HATP-12-B-100417064829.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 06:48 AZ       Ben        089 K

majkp201     HATP-12-B-100417064349.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 06:43 AZ       Ben        095 K

majkp209     HATP-12-B-100417064232.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 06:42 AZ       Ben        097 K

majkp2156    HATP-12-B-100417063913.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 06:39 AZ       Ben        101 K

majkp215     HATP-12-B-100417063820.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 06:38 AZ       Ben        077 K

majkp210     HATP-12-B-100417063331.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 06:33 AZ       Ben        091 K

majkp204     HATP-12-B-100417061539.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 06:15 AZ       Ben        115 K

majkp203     HATP-12-B-100417061259.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 06:12 AZ       Ben        105 K

majkp203     HATP-12-B-100417060146.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 06:01 AZ       Ben        097 K

majkp203     HATP-12-B-100417060030.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 06:00 AZ       Ben        092 K

majkp207     HATP-12-B-100417055850.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 05:58 AZ       Ben        106 K

majkp209     HATP-12-B-100417055733.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 05:57 AZ       Ben        095 K

majkp209     HATP-12-B-100417055431.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 05:54 AZ       Ben        090 K

majkp215     HATP-12-B-100417055113.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 05:51 AZ       Ben        104 K

majkp213     HATP-12-B-100417054549.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 05:45 AZ       Ben        107 K

majkp205     HATP-12-B-100417042808.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Apr-10 04:28 AZ       Ben        087 K

majkp205     HATP-12-B-100416121426.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   16-Apr-10 12:14 AZ       Ben        201 K

majkp208     HATP-12-B-100415081431.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-Apr-10 08:14 AZ       Ben        128 K

majkp205     HATP-12-B-100413130249.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   13-Apr-10 13:02 AZ       Ben        002 K

ls_sp6as02   HATP-12-B-100402123013.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 12:30 AZ       Ben        267 K

ls_sp6as02   HATP-12-B-100402122413.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 12:24 AZ       Ben        213 K

ls_sp6as02   HATP-12-B-100402121813.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 12:18 AZ       Ben        181 K

ls_sp6as02   HATP-12-B-100402121213.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 12:12 AZ       Ben        167 K

ls_sp6as02   HATP-12-B-100402120613.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 12:06 AZ       Ben        161 K

ls_sp6as02   HATP-12-B-100402120301.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 12:03 AZ       Ben        158 K

ls_sp6as02   HATP-12-B-100402115413.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 11:54 AZ       Ben        157 K

ls_sp6as02   HATP-12-B-100402114513.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 11:45 AZ       Ben        156 K

ls_sp6as02   HATP-12-B-100402113913.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 11:39 AZ       Ben        157 K

ls_sp6as02   HATP-12-B-100402113313.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 11:33 AZ       Ben        156 K

ls_sp6as02   HATP-12-B-100402112713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 11:27 AZ       Ben        155 K

ls_sp6as02   HATP-12-B-100402112113.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 11:21 AZ       Ben        156 K

ls_sp6as02   HATP-12-B-100402111513.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 11:15 AZ       Ben        155 K

ls_sp6as02   HATP-12-B-100402110912.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 11:09 AZ       Ben        155 K

ls_sp6as02   HATP-12-B-100402110452.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 11:04 AZ       Ben        155 K

ls_sp6as02   HATP-12-B-100402110313.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 11:03 AZ       Ben        155 K

ls_sp6as02   HATP-12-B-100402105712.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 10:57 AZ       Ben        155 K

ls_sp6as02   HATP-12-B-100402105113.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 10:51 AZ       Ben        156 K

ls_sp6as02   HATP-12-B-100402104513.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 10:45 AZ       Ben        155 K

ls_sp6as02   HATP-12-B-100402103913.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 10:39 AZ       Ben        155 K

ls_sp6as02   HATP-12-B-100402102713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 10:27 AZ       Ben        154 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402102254.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 10:22 AZ       Ben        155 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402102115.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 10:21 AZ       Ben        154 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402101517.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 10:15 AZ       Ben        155 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402100917.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 10:09 AZ       Ben        154 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402100313.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 10:03 AZ       Ben        154 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402095713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 09:57 AZ       Ben        155 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402095113.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 09:51 AZ       Ben        154 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402094513.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 09:45 AZ       Ben        153 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402093913.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 09:39 AZ       Ben        154 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402093312.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 09:33 AZ       Ben        153 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402092851.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 09:28 AZ       Ben        153 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402092712.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 09:27 AZ       Ben        154 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402092113.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 09:21 AZ       Ben        154 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402091512.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 09:15 AZ       Ben        154 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402090913.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 09:09 AZ       Ben        155 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402090313.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 09:03 AZ       Ben        153 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402085713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 08:57 AZ       Ben        155 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402085113.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 08:51 AZ       Ben        155 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402084513.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 08:45 AZ       Ben        154 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402083913.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 08:39 AZ       Ben        153 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402083313.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 08:33 AZ       Ben        154 K

ls_sp6me03   HATP-12-B-100402082856.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Apr-10 08:28 AZ       Ben        154 K

sh_br1kl14   HATP-12-B-100318104839.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 10:48 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_nc2tg05   HATP-12-B-100318104659.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 10:46 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_br1kl14   HATP-12-B-100318104244.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 10:42 AZ       Ben        127 K

sh_br1kg06   HATP-12-B-100318104102.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 10:41 AZ       Ben        127 K

sh_nc1ml14   HATP-12-B-100318103646.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 10:36 AZ       Ben        127 K

sh_br2mm17   HATP-12-B-100318103504.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 10:35 AZ       Ben        127 K

sh_nc2kw19   HATP-12-B-100318103323.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 10:33 AZ       Ben        127 K

sh_br2bb02   HATP-12-B-100318102908.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 10:29 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_nc2mp13   HATP-12-B-100318102727.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 10:27 AZ       Ben        127 K

sh_nc2cl09   HATP-12-B-100318102128.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 10:21 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_br1ap17   HATP-12-B-100318101714.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 10:17 AZ       Ben        127 K

sh_br2ch09   HATP-12-B-100318101534.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 10:15 AZ       Ben        127 K

sh_br1ca01   HATP-12-B-100318100248.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 10:02 AZ       Ben        130 K

sh_nc2bg06   HATP-12-B-100318095713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 09:57 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_br2cm16   HATP-12-B-100318095413.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 09:54 AZ       Ben        129 K

sh_nc2sm12   HATP-12-B-100318095139.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 09:51 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_nc1xx00   HATP-12-B-100318094537.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 09:45 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_br2ka01   HATP-12-B-100318094356.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 09:43 AZ       Ben        130 K

sh_br2bw22   HATP-12-B-100318094213.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 09:42 AZ       Ben        130 K

sh_nc2ae03   HATP-12-B-100318093940.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 09:39 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_nc1sg08   HATP-12-B-100318093313.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 09:33 AZ       Ben        127 K

sh_nc1xx00   HATP-12-B-100318093038.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 09:30 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_br2nf06   HATP-12-B-100318092413.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 09:24 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_nc1ms19   HATP-12-B-100318092136.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 09:21 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_br2sg08   HATP-12-B-100318091955.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 09:19 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_br1kl14   HATP-12-B-100318091813.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 09:18 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_nc1pk11   HATP-12-B-100318091631.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 09:16 AZ       Ben        129 K

sh_nc1xx00   HATP-12-B-100318091449.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 09:14 AZ       Ben        127 K

sh_nc2nm11   HATP-12-B-100318090913.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 09:09 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_br2jf05   HATP-12-B-100318090614.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 09:06 AZ       Ben        130 K

sh_nc1kj10   HATP-12-B-100318090318.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 09:03 AZ       Ben        129 K

sh_nc2hb02   HATP-12-B-100318085714.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 08:57 AZ       Ben        129 K

sh_br1js19   HATP-12-B-100318085415.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 08:54 AZ       Ben        129 K

sh_nc2lm10   HATP-12-B-100318085113.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 08:51 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_br1sh10   HATP-12-B-100318084813.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 08:48 AZ       Ben        129 K

sh_nc1ma01   HATP-12-B-100318084514.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 08:45 AZ       Ben        130 K

sh_br1ab02   HATP-12-B-100318084213.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 08:42 AZ       Ben        129 K

sh_nc1mo17   HATP-12-B-100318083912.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 08:39 AZ       Ben        129 K

sh_nc1xx00   HATP-12-B-100318083613.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 08:36 AZ       Ben        129 K

nrussell     HATP-12-B-100318083313.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 08:33 AZ       Ben        129 K

sh_nc2rs17   HATP-12-B-100318082713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 08:27 AZ       Ben        130 K

sh_nc1xx00   HATP-12-B-100318082413.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 08:24 AZ       Ben        129 K

sh_nc2tg05   HATP-12-B-100318082113.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 08:21 AZ       Ben        129 K

sh_nc1xx00   HATP-12-B-100318081838.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 08:18 AZ       Ben        129 K

sh_nc2nm11   HATP-12-B-100318080938.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 08:09 AZ       Ben        130 K

sh_nc1xx00   HATP-12-B-100318080338.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 08:03 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_nc1cl13   HATP-12-B-100318075713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 07:57 AZ       Ben        129 K

sh_nc1xx00   HATP-12-B-100318075415.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 07:54 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_nc2bg06   HATP-12-B-100318075234.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 07:52 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_br2dg07   HATP-12-B-100318075052.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 07:50 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_br2hv21   HATP-12-B-100318074920.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 07:49 AZ       Ben        101 K

sh_nc2ck08   HATP-12-B-100318074720.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 07:47 AZ       Ben        129 K

sh_nc2rs17   HATP-12-B-100318074538.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 07:45 AZ       Ben        129 K

sh_nc2cl09   HATP-12-B-100318074054.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 07:40 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_nc1nk12   HATP-12-B-100318073912.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 07:39 AZ       Ben        129 K

sh_br1ap17   HATP-12-B-100318073613.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 07:36 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_nc2mp13   HATP-12-B-100318073317.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 07:33 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_nc2ck08   HATP-12-B-100318072714.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 07:27 AZ       Ben        127 K

sh_nc2kp14   HATP-12-B-100318072117.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 07:21 AZ       Ben        127 K

sh_nc1jd07   HATP-12-B-100318071513.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 07:15 AZ       Ben        127 K

sh_nc1eh9    HATP-12-B-100318070938.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 07:09 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_br112     HATP-12-B-100318070755.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 07:07 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_br1sw21   HATP-12-B-100318070613.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 07:06 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_nc1gw20   HATP-12-B-100318070312.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 07:03 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_br1cc04   HATP-12-B-100318070046.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Mar-10 07:00 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_br1xx00   HATP-12-B-100315115113.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-Mar-10 11:51 AZ       Ben        121 K

sh_br1xx00   HATP-12-B-100315113913.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-Mar-10 11:39 AZ       Ben        121 K

sh_br1xx00   HATP-12-B-100315112713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-Mar-10 11:27 AZ       Ben        119 K

sh_br1xx00   HATP-12-B-100315111213.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-Mar-10 11:12 AZ       Ben        124 K

sh_br1xx00   HATP-12-B-100315110038.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   15-Mar-10 11:00 AZ       Ben        118 K

bh_am5dm13   HATP-12-B-100303065532.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   03-Mar-10 06:55 AZ       Ben        256 K

bh_am5jc02   HATP-12-B-100303054925.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   03-Mar-10 05:49 AZ       Ben        262 K

bh_am2gg07   HATP-12-B-100302075524.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   02-Mar-10 07:55 AZ       Ben        214 K

bh_am2mw24   HATP-12-B-100227054513.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   27-Feb-10 05:45 AZ       Ben        228 K

bh_am2gg07   HATP-12-B-100227051549.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   27-Feb-10 05:15 AZ       Ben        219 K

bh_am2hr18   HATP-12-B-100227051407.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   27-Feb-10 05:14 AZ       Ben        232 K

bh_am2km11   HATP-12-B-100227051224.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   27-Feb-10 05:12 AZ       Ben        234 K

bh_am2ml10   HATP-12-B-100227043715.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   27-Feb-10 04:37 AZ       Ben        328 K

bh_am3dh09   HATP-12-B-100226072551.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   26-Feb-10 07:25 AZ       Ben        177 K

bh_am1ks21   HATP-12-B-100225104655.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   25-Feb-10 10:46 AZ       Ben        147 K

bh_am4kc04   HATP-12-B-100225100151.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   25-Feb-10 10:01 AZ       Ben        190 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100225091045.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   25-Feb-10 09:10 AZ       Ben        154 K

bh_am1jt23   HATP-12-B-100225063749.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   25-Feb-10 06:37 AZ       Ben        235 K

bh_am1mh09   HATP-12-B-100225055713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   25-Feb-10 05:57 AZ       Ben        248 K

bh_am1ci10   HATP-12-B-100225053438.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   25-Feb-10 05:34 AZ       Ben        243 K

bh_am3dv24   HATP-12-B-100224115854.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 11:58 AZ       Ben        125 K

bh_am3kb01   HATP-12-B-100224115712.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 11:57 AZ       Ben        125 K

bh_am5jc02   HATP-12-B-100224115455.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 11:54 AZ       Ben        124 K

bh_am3am18   HATP-12-B-100224115313.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 11:53 AZ       Ben        124 K

bh_am4jj13   HATP-12-B-100224115131.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 11:51 AZ       Ben        123 K

bh_am4jj13   HATP-12-B-100224114653.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 11:46 AZ       Ben        124 K

bh_am3jj11   HATP-12-B-100224114512.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 11:45 AZ       Ben        123 K

bh_am3rs22   HATP-12-B-100224113613.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 11:36 AZ       Ben        121 K

bh_am3cr21   HATP-12-B-100224113312.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 11:33 AZ       Ben        121 K

bh_am4ch11   HATP-12-B-100224113013.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 11:30 AZ       Ben        120 K

bh_am3ic03   HATP-12-B-100224112115.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 11:21 AZ       Ben        123 K

bh_am3ak13   HATP-12-B-100224111513.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 11:15 AZ       Ben        121 K

bh_am3jh10   HATP-12-B-100224111216.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 11:12 AZ       Ben        123 K

bh_am4dr22   HATP-12-B-100224110613.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 11:06 AZ       Ben        121 K

bh_am3mk12   HATP-12-B-100224110013.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 11:00 AZ       Ben        122 K

bh_am4ba01   HATP-12-B-100224105256.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 10:52 AZ       Ben        121 K

bh_am4rw24   HATP-12-B-100224105113.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 10:51 AZ       Ben        119 K

bh_am1kb03   HATP-12-B-100224104900.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 10:49 AZ       Ben        119 K

bh_am2kc03   HATP-12-B-100224103614.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 10:36 AZ       Ben        122 K

bh_am2kd04   HATP-12-B-100224103313.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 10:33 AZ       Ben        124 K

bh_am4mg07   HATP-12-B-100224103013.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 10:30 AZ       Ben        126 K

bh_am2ss21   HATP-12-B-100224101554.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 10:15 AZ       Ben        132 K

bh_am4ms23   HATP-12-B-100224101213.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 10:12 AZ       Ben        135 K

bh_am1sg05   HATP-12-B-100224100013.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 10:00 AZ       Ben        141 K

bh_am4kg08   HATP-12-B-100224094513.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 09:45 AZ       Ben        139 K

bh_am1ms18   HATP-12-B-100224094216.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 09:42 AZ       Ben        140 K

bh_am4ek16   HATP-12-B-100224093612.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 09:36 AZ       Ben        141 K

bh_am2kg08   HATP-12-B-100224093313.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 09:33 AZ       Ben        142 K

bh_am2js20   HATP-12-B-100224093013.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 09:30 AZ       Ben        139 K

bh_am2bg06   HATP-12-B-100224092714.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 09:27 AZ       Ben        141 K

bh_am4za02   HATP-12-B-100224092112.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 09:21 AZ       Ben        138 K

bh_am2mf05   HATP-12-B-100224091813.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 09:18 AZ       Ben        139 K

bh_am2bc02   HATP-12-B-100224091513.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 09:15 AZ       Ben        139 K

bh_am2dw23   HATP-12-B-100224091213.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 09:12 AZ       Ben        139 K

bh_am2zc01   HATP-12-B-100224090921.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 09:09 AZ       Ben        141 K

bh_am3em17   HATP-12-B-100224085713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 08:57 AZ       Ben        140 K

bh_am4cc05   HATP-12-B-100224085412.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 08:54 AZ       Ben        141 K

bh_am3mb02   HATP-12-B-100224084237.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 08:42 AZ       Ben        141 K

bh_am5sg10   HATP-12-B-100224084056.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 08:40 AZ       Ben        141 K

bh_am5mp16   HATP-12-B-100224083913.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 08:39 AZ       Ben        142 K

bh_am5sg10   HATP-12-B-100224083616.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 08:36 AZ       Ben        143 K

bh_am3dr20   HATP-12-B-100224083013.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 08:30 AZ       Ben        144 K

bh_am5jr18   HATP-12-B-100224082715.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 08:27 AZ       Ben        147 K

bh_am4kh     HATP-12-B-100224082112.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 08:21 AZ       Ben        146 K

bh_am5df08   HATP-12-B-100224081813.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 08:18 AZ       Ben        147 K

bh_am3sg07   HATP-12-B-100224081513.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 08:15 AZ       Ben        146 K

bh_am3bt23   HATP-12-B-100224081213.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 08:12 AZ       Ben        154 K

bh_am3dm15   HATP-12-B-100224080921.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 08:09 AZ       Ben        149 K

bh_am5rs20   HATP-12-B-100224080154.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 08:01 AZ       Ben        159 K

bh_am3ac04   HATP-12-B-100224080012.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 08:00 AZ       Ben        162 K

bh_am5bt23   HATP-12-B-100224075713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 07:57 AZ       Ben        164 K

bh_am4ah10   HATP-12-B-100224075413.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 07:54 AZ       Ben        154 K

bh_am3dd05   HATP-12-B-100224074816.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 07:48 AZ       Ben        153 K

bh_am4ba01   HATP-12-B-100224074213.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 07:42 AZ       Ben        160 K

bh_am4dp21   HATP-12-B-100224073913.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 07:39 AZ       Ben        150 K

bh_am4mm18   HATP-12-B-100224073613.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 07:36 AZ       Ben        150 K

bh_am3pf06   HATP-12-B-100224073313.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 07:33 AZ       Ben        148 K

bh_am3cn19   HATP-12-B-100224073013.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 07:30 AZ       Ben        150 K

bh_am3jg08   HATP-12-B-100224071513.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 07:15 AZ       Ben        151 K

bh_am4so20   HATP-12-B-100224071213.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 07:12 AZ       Ben        156 K

bh_am3fm14   HATP-12-B-100224070913.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 07:09 AZ       Ben        150 K

bh_am4ek15   HATP-12-B-100224070613.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 07:06 AZ       Ben        152 K

bh_am4am17   HATP-12-B-100224070347.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 07:03 AZ       Ben        150 K

bh_am1rs20   HATP-12-B-100224065713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 06:57 AZ       Ben        151 K

bh_amsdr17   HATP-12-B-100224065413.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 06:54 AZ       Ben        151 K

bh_am5am12   HATP-12-B-100224065113.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 06:51 AZ       Ben        152 K

bh_am5ts21   HATP-12-B-100224064813.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 06:48 AZ       Ben        152 K

bh_am1cp14   HATP-12-B-100224064516.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 06:45 AZ       Ben        153 K

bh_am5pb01   HATP-12-B-100224063913.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 06:39 AZ       Ben        155 K

bh_am5cc03   HATP-12-B-100224063618.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 06:36 AZ       Ben        166 K

bh_am5fs19   HATP-12-B-100224062713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 06:27 AZ       Ben        179 K

bh_am2bh09   HATP-12-B-100224062414.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 06:24 AZ       Ben        182 K

bh_am1cp14   HATP-12-B-100224062117.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 06:21 AZ       Ben        194 K

bh_am1ba01   HATP-12-B-100224061513.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 06:15 AZ       Ben        201 K

bh_am1sc04   HATP-12-B-100224061213.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 06:12 AZ       Ben        197 K

bh_am2dm14   HATP-12-B-100224060913.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 06:09 AZ       Ben        208 K

bh_am1jm12   HATP-12-B-100224060613.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 06:06 AZ       Ben        197 K

bh_am4rd06   HATP-12-B-100224060315.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 06:03 AZ       Ben        172 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100224055713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 05:57 AZ       Ben        199 K

bh_am5mp15   HATP-12-B-100224055413.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 05:54 AZ       Ben        202 K

bh_am1cp14   HATP-12-B-100224055113.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 05:51 AZ       Ben        210 K

bh_am1cs19   HATP-12-B-100224054849.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 05:48 AZ       Ben        186 K

bh_am2mm12   HATP-12-B-100224054218.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 05:42 AZ       Ben        185 K

bh_am1pn13   HATP-12-B-100224053321.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 05:33 AZ       Ben        201 K

bh_am1jg06   HATP-12-B-100224052713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 05:27 AZ       Ben        176 K

bh_am1jm11   HATP-12-B-100224052413.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 05:24 AZ       Ben        168 K

bh_am1rs22   HATP-12-B-100224052113.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 05:21 AZ       Ben        165 K

bh_am1cp15   HATP-12-B-100224051850.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   24-Feb-10 05:18 AZ       Ben        171 K

bh_am5pv23   HATP-12-B-100223173503.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   23-Feb-10 17:35 AZ       Ben        002 K

bh_am5cf09   HATP-12-B-100223173313.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   23-Feb-10 17:33 AZ       Ben        002 K

bh_am3am18   HATP-12-B-100223144232.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   23-Feb-10 14:42 AZ       Ben        002 K

bh_am2mw24   HATP-12-B-100223135338.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   23-Feb-10 13:53 AZ       Ben        002 K

bh_am2gg07   HATP-12-B-100223135146.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   23-Feb-10 13:51 AZ       Ben        002 K

bh_am1mh09   HATP-12-B-100223131329.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   23-Feb-10 13:13 AZ       Ben        229 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100223111658.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   23-Feb-10 11:16 AZ       Ben        119 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100223051637.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   23-Feb-10 05:16 AZ       Ben        218 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100218110022.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Feb-10 11:00 AZ       Ben        127 K

jcsox        HATP-12-B-100218104353.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Feb-10 10:43 AZ       Ben        127 K

jcsox        HATP-12-B-100218094353.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   18-Feb-10 09:43 AZ       Ben        124 K

rickyg91     HATP-12-A-100218010131.GIF      Info HATP-12-A-   18-Feb-10 01:01 MA       Annie      002 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217124813.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 12:48 AZ       Ben        125 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217123757.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 12:37 AZ       Ben        126 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217123613.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 12:36 AZ       Ben        124 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217122713.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 12:27 AZ       Ben        125 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217122413.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 12:24 AZ       Ben        125 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217121546.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 12:15 AZ       Ben        125 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217120013.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 12:00 AZ       Ben        124 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217114814.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 11:48 AZ       Ben        125 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217113613.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 11:36 AZ       Ben        124 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217112413.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 11:24 AZ       Ben        125 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217111212.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 11:12 AZ       Ben        124 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217110013.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 11:00 AZ       Ben        123 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217104813.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 10:48 AZ       Ben        123 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217103613.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 10:36 AZ       Ben        123 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217102413.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 10:24 AZ       Ben        120 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217101212.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 10:12 AZ       Ben        120 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217100013.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 10:00 AZ       Ben        119 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217094813.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 09:48 AZ       Ben        116 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217093613.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 09:36 AZ       Ben        117 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217092413.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 09:24 AZ       Ben        117 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217091213.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 09:12 AZ       Ben        117 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217090013.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 09:00 AZ       Ben        118 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217084813.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 08:48 AZ       Ben        119 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217083616.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 08:36 AZ       Ben        118 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217082551.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 08:25 AZ       Ben        119 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217081213.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 08:12 AZ       Ben        118 K

bh_am2xxoo   HATP-12-B-100217080133.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   17-Feb-10 08:01 AZ       Ben        118 K

ffs          HATP-12-B-100204081213.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   04-Feb-10 08:12 AZ       Ben        171 K

ffs          HATP-12-B-100204080913.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   04-Feb-10 08:09 AZ       Ben        152 K

ffs          HATP-12-B-100204080613.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   04-Feb-10 08:06 AZ       Ben        146 K

ffs          HATP-12-B-100204080313.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   04-Feb-10 08:03 AZ       Ben        153 K

ffs          HATP-12-B-100204080128.GIF      Info HATP-12-B-   04-Feb-10 08:01 AZ       Ben        139 K