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Username     Image Filename                  Info Object       Date            Location Telescope  Size

fdeutsch     M-101S-B-100709080337.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   09-Jul-10 08:03 AZ       Ben        106 K

fdeutsch     M-101S-B-100709080258.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   09-Jul-10 08:02 AZ       Ben        106 K

sh_nc3md13   M-51Wh-B-100612100933.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   12-Jun-10 10:09 AZ       Ben        124 K

sh_nc3md13   M-51Wh-B-100612100654.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   12-Jun-10 10:06 AZ       Ben        119 K

sh_nc3md13   M-51Wh-B-100612100457.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   12-Jun-10 10:04 AZ       Ben        109 K

sh_nc3md13   M-51Wh-B-100612100300.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   12-Jun-10 10:03 AZ       Ben        158 K

sbdeshazo    NGC891-B-100610180331.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   10-Jun-10 18:03 AZ       Ben        002 K

sh_nc3dc10   M-81Sp-B-100610091902.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   10-Jun-10 09:19 AZ       Ben        152 K

sh_nc3no12   M-51Wh-B-100610091214.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   10-Jun-10 09:12 AZ       Ben        166 K

sh_nc3jt11   M-51Wh-B-100610090411.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   10-Jun-10 09:04 AZ       Ben        165 K

sh_nc3dc10   M-101S-B-100610080827.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   10-Jun-10 08:08 AZ       Ben        161 K

sh_nc3an05   M-81Sp-B-100610065411.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   10-Jun-10 06:54 AZ       Ben        175 K

hilliardbc   M-81Sp-B-100609093047.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   09-Jun-10 09:30 AZ       Ben        182 K

shollister   M-51Wh-B-100609090252.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   09-Jun-10 09:02 AZ       Ben        164 K

sh_nc3sc03   M-101S-B-100609062730.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   09-Jun-10 06:27 AZ       Ben        139 K

sh_nc3jm01   M-51Wh-B-100609060214.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   09-Jun-10 06:02 AZ       Ben        144 K

sh_nc3jm01   M-82Ir-B-100609050240.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   09-Jun-10 05:02 AZ       Ben        154 K

sh_nc3sc03   M-82Ir-B-100608181442.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   08-Jun-10 18:14 AZ       Ben        002 K

sh_nc3sc03   M-82Ir-B-100608181405.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   08-Jun-10 18:14 AZ       Ben        002 K

hilliardbc   M-81Sp-B-100608181213.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   08-Jun-10 18:12 AZ       Ben        002 K

mrs          M-82Ir-B-100528061213.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   28-May-10 06:12 AZ       Ben        222 K

mrs          M-82Ir-B-100528060613.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   28-May-10 06:06 AZ       Ben        221 K

mrs          M-82Ir-B-100528060421.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   28-May-10 06:04 AZ       Ben        222 K

mrs          M-82Ir-B-100528060241.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   28-May-10 06:02 AZ       Ben        220 K

ma_jk2jc05   NGC891-B-100526114929.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   26-May-10 11:49 AZ       Ben        002 K

ma_jk2jc05   M-101S-B-100526100834.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   26-May-10 10:08 AZ       Ben        135 K

ma_jk2ob03   M-82Ir-B-100526090310.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   26-May-10 09:03 AZ       Ben        155 K

ma_jk2jc05   M-101S-B-100526080400.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   26-May-10 08:04 AZ       Ben        185 K

ma_jk2jc05   M-101S-B-100526080220.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   26-May-10 08:02 AZ       Ben        185 K

ma_jk2bl08   M-101S-B-100526065913.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   26-May-10 06:59 AZ       Ben        182 K

ma_jk2jc05   M-82Ir-B-100526054738.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   26-May-10 05:47 AZ       Ben        189 K

opincince    M-82Ir-B-100526000542.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   26-May-10 00:05 AZ       Ben        002 K

opincince    NGC891-B-100526000258.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   26-May-10 00:02 AZ       Ben        002 K

ma_jk3gl07   M-81Sp-B-100525173533.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   25-May-10 17:35 AZ       Ben        002 K

ma_jk2es11   M-82Ir-B-100525113046.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   25-May-10 11:30 AZ       Ben        298 K

ma_jk2es11   M-101S-B-100525105038.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   25-May-10 10:50 AZ       Ben        141 K

ma_jk2jx13   M-101S-B-100525095353.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   25-May-10 09:53 AZ       Ben        164 K

ma_jk2es11   M-51Wh-B-100525095208.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   25-May-10 09:52 AZ       Ben        169 K

ma_jk2jx13   M-81Sp-B-100525091242.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   25-May-10 09:12 AZ       Ben        196 K

ma_jk2gi07   M-51Wh-B-100525084905.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   25-May-10 08:49 AZ       Ben        182 K

ma_jk2aw12   M-81Sp-B-100525083415.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   25-May-10 08:34 AZ       Ben        198 K

ma_jk2jx13   M-82Ir-B-100525081543.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   25-May-10 08:15 AZ       Ben        191 K

ma_jk2ec04   M-51Wh-B-100525080230.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   25-May-10 08:02 AZ       Ben        180 K

ma_jk2ec04   M-81Sp-B-100525070304.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   25-May-10 07:03 AZ       Ben        141 K

ma_jk2aa01   M-51Wh-B-100525061603.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   25-May-10 06:16 AZ       Ben        128 K

ma_jk2kf06   M-81Sp-B-100525061023.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   25-May-10 06:10 AZ       Ben        190 K

ma_jk2kf06   M-51Wh-B-100525060207.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   25-May-10 06:02 AZ       Ben        178 K

ma_jk2aa01   M-81Sp-B-100525043025.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   25-May-10 04:30 AZ       Ben        183 K

ma_jk2aa01   M-81Sp-B-100525041536.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   25-May-10 04:15 AZ       Ben        138 K

ma_jk2tb02   M-81Sp-B-100525040602.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   25-May-10 04:06 AZ       Ben        136 K

opincince    M-82Ir-B-100525040404.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   25-May-10 04:04 AZ       Ben        178 K

opincince    M-101S-B-100525040153.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   25-May-10 04:01 AZ       Ben        177 K

ma_jk2tb02   M-51Wh-B-100525030205.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   25-May-10 03:02 AZ       Ben        288 K

ma_jk3cr09   M-101S-B-100525022432.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   25-May-10 02:24 AZ       Ben        002 K

ma_jk3cr09   M-101S-B-100525022123.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   25-May-10 02:21 AZ       Ben        002 K

ma_jk3cr09   M-101S-B-100525021905.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   25-May-10 02:19 AZ       Ben        002 K

ma_jk2aa01   M-82Ir-B-100525021530.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   25-May-10 02:15 AZ       Ben        002 K

ma_jk2tb02   M-81Sp-B-100525020231.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   25-May-10 02:02 AZ       Ben        002 K

ma_jk3ah06   NGC891-B-100524121629.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   24-May-10 12:16 AZ       Ben        002 K

ma_jk3ah06   M-33Sp-B-100524114928.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   24-May-10 11:49 AZ       Ben        002 K

ma_jk3vw13   M-51Wh-B-100524102054.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   24-May-10 10:20 AZ       Ben        095 K

ma_jk3ja02   M-51Wh-B-100524094300.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   24-May-10 09:43 AZ       Ben        091 K

ma_jk3na01   M-51Wh-B-100524083913.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   24-May-10 08:39 AZ       Ben        165 K

ma_jk3ja02   M-51Wh-B-100524082113.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   24-May-10 08:21 AZ       Ben        203 K

ma_jk3ja02   M-51Wh-B-100524081531.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   24-May-10 08:15 AZ       Ben        203 K

ma_jk3vw13   M-51Wh-B-100524080238.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   24-May-10 08:02 AZ       Ben        123 K

ma_jksp08    M-51Wh-B-100524040153.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   24-May-10 04:01 AZ       Ben        218 K

ma_jk3sr10   M-81Sp-B-100524030221.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   24-May-10 03:02 AZ       Ben        215 K

ma_jk3ah06   M-33Sp-B-100523171619.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   23-May-10 17:16 AZ       Ben        002 K

ma_jk3vw13   M-81Sp-B-100523171356.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   23-May-10 17:13 AZ       Ben        002 K

ma_jk3vw13   M-81Sp-B-100523171218.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   23-May-10 17:12 AZ       Ben        002 K

ma_jk3vw13   M-82Ir-B-100523170908.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   23-May-10 17:09 AZ       Ben        002 K

ma_jk3vw13   NGC891-B-100523170605.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   23-May-10 17:06 AZ       Ben        002 K

ma_jk3ah06   M-33Sp-B-100523143707.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   23-May-10 14:37 AZ       Ben        002 K

ma_jksp08    M-81Sp-B-100523135304.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   23-May-10 13:53 AZ       Ben        002 K

ma_jk3ab03   M-82Ir-B-100522132942.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   22-May-10 13:29 AZ       Ben        002 K

ma_jk3at11   M-51Wh-B-100522050159.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   22-May-10 05:01 AZ       Ben        167 K

ma_jk3at11   M-101S-B-100521215537.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   21-May-10 21:55 AZ       Ben        002 K

mrs          M-101S-B-100513090501.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   13-May-10 09:05 AZ       Ben        095 K

mrs          M-81Sp-B-100513082113.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   13-May-10 08:21 AZ       Ben        163 K

mrs          M-82Ir-B-100513081556.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   13-May-10 08:15 AZ       Ben        158 K

mrs          M-51Wh-B-100512060343.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   12-May-10 06:03 AZ       Ben        132 K

mrs          M-33Sp-B-100511203451.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   11-May-10 20:34 AZ       Ben        002 K

ls_sp4he05   M-82Ir-B-100427125434.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   27-Apr-10 12:54 AZ       Ben        002 K

ls_sp2bm15   M-101S-B-100427121435.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   27-Apr-10 12:14 AZ       Ben        002 K

ls_sp4kl13   M-51Wh-B-100427095450.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   27-Apr-10 09:54 AZ       Ben        316 K

ls_sp4sr20   M-51Wh-B-100427094543.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   27-Apr-10 09:45 AZ       Ben        336 K

ls_sp4al12   M-81Sp-B-100427091016.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   27-Apr-10 09:10 AZ       Ben        326 K

ls_sp2wb01   M-81Sp-B-100427085743.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   27-Apr-10 08:57 AZ       Ben        296 K

ls_sp4an16   M-101S-B-100427084541.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   27-Apr-10 08:45 AZ       Ben        316 K

ls_sp4st24   M-51Wh-B-100427083342.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   27-Apr-10 08:33 AZ       Ben        328 K

ls_sp4ds21   M-51Wh-B-100427081244.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   27-Apr-10 08:12 AZ       Ben        329 K

ls_sp4mc04   M-51Wh-B-100427080725.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   27-Apr-10 08:07 AZ       Ben        322 K

kevin82592   M-51Wh-B-100427080106.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   27-Apr-10 08:01 AZ       Ben        332 K

ls_sp4sb01   M-101S-B-100427075921.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   27-Apr-10 07:59 AZ       Ben        276 K

ls_sp4hl14   M-51Wh-B-100427074003.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   27-Apr-10 07:40 AZ       Ben        323 K

ls_sp4dc30   M-81Sp-B-100427070538.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   27-Apr-10 07:05 AZ       Ben        236 K

ls_sp4jg08   M-51Wh-B-100427070042.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   27-Apr-10 07:00 AZ       Ben        318 K

ls_sp4sg09   M-82Ir-B-100427065442.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   27-Apr-10 06:54 AZ       Ben        249 K

ls_sp3st23   M-51Wh-B-100427065113.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   27-Apr-10 06:51 AZ       Ben        319 K

ls_sp1le04   M-51Wh-B-100427064550.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   27-Apr-10 06:45 AZ       Ben        322 K

ls_sp2hs19   M-51Wh-B-100427063350.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   27-Apr-10 06:33 AZ       Ben        327 K

ls_sp1gp19   M-81Sp-B-100427062219.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   27-Apr-10 06:22 AZ       Ben        289 K

ls_sp2ks22   M-101S-B-100427061542.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   27-Apr-10 06:15 AZ       Ben        231 K

ls_sp2hh13   M-101S-B-100427060346.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   27-Apr-10 06:03 AZ       Ben        275 K

ls_sp4an18   M-81Sp-B-100427055743.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   27-Apr-10 05:57 AZ       Ben        343 K

billnye      M-51Wh-B-100427055444.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   27-Apr-10 05:54 AZ       Ben        321 K

ls_sp4jn17   M-81Sp-B-100427055215.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   27-Apr-10 05:52 AZ       Ben        286 K

tasha        M-101S-B-100427054218.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   27-Apr-10 05:42 AZ       Ben        253 K

ls_sp2md08   M-51Wh-B-100427053344.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   27-Apr-10 05:33 AZ       Ben        322 K

ls_sp2mc05   M-81Sp-B-100427052820.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   27-Apr-10 05:28 AZ       Ben        234 K

ls_sp2sc03   M-82Ir-B-100427045815.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   27-Apr-10 04:58 AZ       Ben        243 K

ls_sp1rh11   M-51Wh-B-100427033045.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   27-Apr-10 03:30 AZ       Ben        258 K

ls_sp1cy26   M-81Sp-B-100427031713.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   27-Apr-10 03:17 AZ       Ben        214 K

truejbfan    M-81Sp-B-100427004652.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   27-Apr-10 00:46 AZ       Ben        002 K

ls_sp2wr18   NGC891-B-100427000228.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   27-Apr-10 00:02 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp207     M-51Wh-B-100423041057.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   23-Apr-10 04:10 AZ       Ben        147 K

majkp217     M-101S-B-100423002744.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   23-Apr-10 00:27 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp214     M-81Sp-B-100422182700.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   22-Apr-10 18:27 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp201     M-81Sp-B-100422053240.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   22-Apr-10 05:32 AZ       Ben        088 K

kprice       M-81Sp-B-100418080555.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   18-Apr-10 08:05 AZ       Ben        130 K

kprice       M-51Wh-B-100418080225.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   18-Apr-10 08:02 AZ       Ben        115 K

majkp218     M-51Wh-B-100418051405.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   18-Apr-10 05:14 AZ       Ben        114 K

hh_jc6ms10   M-51Wh-B-100417090014.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   17-Apr-10 09:00 AZ       Ben        133 K

hh_jc6gg22   M-51Wh-B-100417083014.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   17-Apr-10 08:30 AZ       Ben        135 K

hh_jc6ov11   M-51Wh-B-100417081024.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   17-Apr-10 08:10 AZ       Ben        136 K

hh_jc6fj09   M-51Wh-B-100417070343.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   17-Apr-10 07:03 AZ       Ben        138 K

hh_jc6fv14   M-51Wh-B-100417065623.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   17-Apr-10 06:56 AZ       Ben        138 K

hh_jc6cs20   M-51Wh-B-100417061355.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   17-Apr-10 06:13 AZ       Ben        139 K

hh_jc6ac16   M-51Wh-B-100417061115.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   17-Apr-10 06:11 AZ       Ben        138 K

hh_jc6ey06   M-51Wh-B-100417060936.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   17-Apr-10 06:09 AZ       Ben        138 K

hh_jc6lv21   M-51Wh-B-100417060755.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   17-Apr-10 06:07 AZ       Ben        140 K

hh_jc6mr03   M-51Wh-B-100417060615.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   17-Apr-10 06:06 AZ       Ben        140 K

hh_jc6ds08   M-51Wh-B-100417060436.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   17-Apr-10 06:04 AZ       Ben        139 K

hh_jc6ir18   M-51Wh-B-100417060256.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   17-Apr-10 06:02 AZ       Ben        140 K

hh_jc3lm14   M-81Sp-B-100417053642.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   17-Apr-10 05:36 AZ       Ben        148 K

hh_jc6jm07   M-51Wh-B-100417053201.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   17-Apr-10 05:32 AZ       Ben        137 K

hh_jc6ed05   M-51Wh-B-100417053022.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   17-Apr-10 05:30 AZ       Ben        138 K

hh_jc4rs31   M-51Wh-B-100417052413.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   17-Apr-10 05:24 AZ       Ben        138 K

hh_jcjh01    M-51Wh-B-100417050625.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   17-Apr-10 05:06 AZ       Ben        137 K

hh_jcjh01    M-51Wh-B-100417050447.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   17-Apr-10 05:04 AZ       Ben        136 K

hh_jcjh01    M-51Wh-B-100417050308.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   17-Apr-10 05:03 AZ       Ben        136 K

hh_jcjh01    M-51Wh-B-100417050129.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   17-Apr-10 05:01 AZ       Ben        137 K

majkp205     M-81Sp-B-100417040642.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   17-Apr-10 04:06 AZ       Ben        091 K

hh_jc3js27   M-51Wh-B-100417040137.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   17-Apr-10 04:01 AZ       Ben        135 K

hh_jc3al18   M-51Wh-B-100417010134.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   17-Apr-10 01:01 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp2156    M-81Sp-B-100416155244.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   16-Apr-10 15:52 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp2156    M-81Sp-B-100416154846.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   16-Apr-10 15:48 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp2156    M-81Sp-B-100416154749.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   16-Apr-10 15:47 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp2156    NGC891-B-100416154533.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   16-Apr-10 15:45 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp214     M-33Sp-B-100416122408.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   16-Apr-10 12:24 AZ       Ben        298 K

majkp204     M-51Wh-B-100416112013.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   16-Apr-10 11:20 AZ       Ben        138 K

hh_jc4do13   M-51Wh-B-100415120830.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 12:08 AZ       Ben        229 K

hh_jc4rv18   M-51Wh-B-100415103051.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 10:30 AZ       Ben        129 K

hh_jc4ar02   M-51Wh-B-100415093230.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 09:32 AZ       Ben        129 K

hh_jc2jh14   M-51Wh-B-100415093051.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 09:30 AZ       Ben        129 K

hh_jc4pc11   M-51Wh-B-100415081905.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 08:19 AZ       Ben        134 K

hh_jc5jt03   M-51Wh-B-100415081247.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 08:12 AZ       Ben        134 K

hh_jc4ds28   M-51Wh-B-100415080809.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 08:08 AZ       Ben        133 K

hh_jc3an23   M-51Wh-B-100415080632.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 08:06 AZ       Ben        134 K

hh_jc2mm12   M-51Wh-B-100415080014.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 08:00 AZ       Ben        134 K

hh_jc3lc05   M-51Wh-B-100415073014.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 07:30 AZ       Ben        136 K

hh_jc4cg29   M-51Wh-B-100415070231.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 07:02 AZ       Ben        137 K

hh_jc6aa24   M-51Wh-B-100415070052.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 07:00 AZ       Ben        136 K

hh_jc3av15   M-51Wh-B-100415064844.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 06:48 AZ       Ben        136 K

hh_jc1as07   M-51Wh-B-100415063952.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 06:39 AZ       Ben        137 K

hh_jc2ml08   M-51Wh-B-100415063013.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 06:30 AZ       Ben        137 K

hh_jc3ig21   M-51Wh-B-100415061516.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 06:15 AZ       Ben        136 K

hh_jc5cm18   M-51Wh-B-100415060316.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 06:03 AZ       Ben        136 K

hh_jc2rs04   M-51Wh-B-100415060031.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 06:00 AZ       Ben        137 K

hh_jc1dv14   M-51Wh-B-100415054831.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 05:48 AZ       Ben        106 K

hh_jc5dc14   M-51Wh-B-100415054338.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 05:43 AZ       Ben        137 K

hh_jc5ja20   M-51Wh-B-100415054159.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 05:41 AZ       Ben        137 K

hh_jc3ss09   M-51Wh-B-100415053616.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 05:36 AZ       Ben        138 K

hh_jc5sr06   M-51Wh-B-100415053313.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 05:33 AZ       Ben        137 K

hh_jc1jg01   M-51Wh-B-100415053015.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 05:30 AZ       Ben        137 K

hh_jc5ir16   M-51Wh-B-100415052715.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 05:27 AZ       Ben        139 K

hh_jc3gm17   M-51Wh-B-100415051513.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 05:15 AZ       Ben        137 K

hh_jc1kl08   M-51Wh-B-100415050035.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 05:00 AZ       Ben        138 K

hh_jc5jl10   M-51Wh-B-100415045856.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 04:58 AZ       Ben        138 K

hh_jc3dl07   M-51Wh-B-100415045717.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 04:57 AZ       Ben        139 K

hh_jc5nr22   M-51Wh-B-100415043330.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 04:33 AZ       Ben        137 K

hh_jc3am08   M-51Wh-B-100415043151.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 04:31 AZ       Ben        138 K

hh_jc1js05   M-51Wh-B-100415043012.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 04:30 AZ       Ben        137 K

hh_jc3bm13   M-51Wh-B-100415041516.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 04:15 AZ       Ben        137 K

majkp203     M-51Wh-B-100415041258.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 04:12 AZ       Ben        099 K

hh_jc3lp24   M-51Wh-B-100415041120.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 04:11 AZ       Ben        136 K

hh_jc3ma16   M-51Wh-B-100415040942.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 04:09 AZ       Ben        136 K

hh_jc3ml06   M-51Wh-B-100415040759.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 04:07 AZ       Ben        136 K

hh_jc3oa30   M-51Wh-B-100415040620.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 04:06 AZ       Ben        136 K

hh_jc2co07   M-51Wh-B-100415040441.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 04:04 AZ       Ben        135 K

hh_jc2mr09   M-51Wh-B-100415040300.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 04:03 AZ       Ben        135 K

hh_jc2jr21   M-51Wh-B-100415040137.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 04:01 AZ       Ben        126 K

hh_jc1ds13   M-51Wh-B-100415031317.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 03:13 AZ       Ben        140 K

hh_jc2ll05   M-51Wh-B-100415030239.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 03:02 AZ       Ben        143 K

hh_jc4eq15   M-51Wh-B-100415022716.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 02:27 AZ       Ben        286 K

hh_jc5cm18   M-51Wh-B-100415020915.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 02:09 AZ       Ben        002 K

hh_jc4lc25   M-51Wh-B-100415020155.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 02:01 AZ       Ben        002 K

hh_jc2ml19   M-51Wh-B-100415020015.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 02:00 AZ       Ben        002 K

hh_jc4aa06   M-51Wh-B-100415013017.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 01:30 AZ       Ben        002 K

hh_jc4ez16   M-51Wh-B-100415011928.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 01:19 AZ       Ben        002 K

hh_jc4ia14   M-51Wh-B-100415011215.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 01:12 AZ       Ben        002 K

hh_jc3lm14   M-51Wh-B-100415010016.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 01:00 AZ       Ben        002 K

hh_jc1as07   M-51Wh-B-100415003914.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 00:39 AZ       Ben        002 K

hh_jc4bh19   M-51Wh-B-100415003338.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Apr-10 00:33 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp202     M-33Sp-B-100415000222.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   15-Apr-10 00:02 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp217     M-81Sp-B-100414202757.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   14-Apr-10 20:27 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp204     M-51Wh-B-100413111724.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   13-Apr-10 11:17 AZ       Ben        130 K

majkp202     M-51Wh-B-100413073158.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   13-Apr-10 07:31 AZ       Ben        089 K

majkp203     M-51Wh-B-100413050141.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   13-Apr-10 05:01 AZ       Ben        092 K

majkp207     M-33Sp-B-100412191318.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   12-Apr-10 19:13 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp2156    NGC891-B-100412190810.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   12-Apr-10 19:08 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp213     M-82Ir-B-100412190610.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   12-Apr-10 19:06 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp208     NGC891-B-100412190127.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   12-Apr-10 19:01 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp217     M-33Sp-B-100412185459.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   12-Apr-10 18:54 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp218     M-81Sp-B-100412184516.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   12-Apr-10 18:45 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp214     M-81Sp-B-100412182532.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   12-Apr-10 18:25 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp217     M-81Sp-B-100412182414.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   12-Apr-10 18:24 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp219     M-101S-B-100407080220.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   07-Apr-10 08:02 AZ       Ben        077 K

majkp208     M-51Wh-B-100331074954.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   31-Mar-10 07:49 AZ       Ben        180 K

majkp208     M-82Ir-B-100331070043.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   31-Mar-10 07:00 AZ       Ben        175 K

bh_am2zc01   M-51Wh-B-100331064047.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   31-Mar-10 06:40 AZ       Ben        196 K

majkp2156    M-82Ir-B-100330130322.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   30-Mar-10 13:03 AZ       Ben        002 K

sh_nc1pd06   M-51Wh-B-100324120117.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   24-Mar-10 12:01 AZ       Ben        123 K

sh_nc2aw18   M-81Sp-B-100324105044.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   24-Mar-10 10:50 AZ       Ben        140 K

sh_nc2jj07   M-51Wh-B-100323091400.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   23-Mar-10 09:14 AZ       Ben        127 K

shnc2sf04    M-51Wh-B-100322111542.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   22-Mar-10 11:15 AZ       Ben        137 K

sh_nc2aw18   M-81Sp-B-100322104915.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   22-Mar-10 10:49 AZ       Ben        168 K

sh_nc1nk12   M-82Ir-B-100322103554.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   22-Mar-10 10:35 AZ       Ben        155 K

sh_nc1jb04   M-51Wh-B-100322102826.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   22-Mar-10 10:28 AZ       Ben        135 K

sh_nc1mo17   M-101S-B-100322102229.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   22-Mar-10 10:22 AZ       Ben        137 K

shnc2sf04    M-81Sp-B-100322102017.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   22-Mar-10 10:20 AZ       Ben        166 K

sh_nc1nk12   M-51Wh-B-100322101525.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   22-Mar-10 10:15 AZ       Ben        136 K

nrussell     M-81Sp-B-100322100944.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   22-Mar-10 10:09 AZ       Ben        159 K

sh_nc1kj10   M-101S-B-100322100728.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   22-Mar-10 10:07 AZ       Ben        135 K

sh_nc1ms18   M-51Wh-B-100322100642.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   22-Mar-10 10:06 AZ       Ben        071 K

sh_nc1nk12   M-101S-B-100322095321.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   22-Mar-10 09:53 AZ       Ben        137 K

nrussell     M-101S-B-100322094243.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   22-Mar-10 09:42 AZ       Ben        136 K

sh_nc2tg05   M-51Wh-B-100322092727.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   22-Mar-10 09:27 AZ       Ben        132 K

sh_br1xx00   M-82Ir-B-100322092515.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   22-Mar-10 09:25 AZ       Ben        145 K

sh_nc1nk12   M-81Sp-B-100322091154.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   22-Mar-10 09:11 AZ       Ben        146 K

sh_nc2kp14   M-101S-B-100322071404.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   22-Mar-10 07:14 AZ       Ben        133 K

sh_br2nf06   M-82Ir-B-100320100944.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   20-Mar-10 10:09 AZ       Ben        139 K

sh_br2ch09   M-101S-B-100320100709.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   20-Mar-10 10:07 AZ       Ben        139 K

sh_nc1pk11   M-101S-B-100320100530.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   20-Mar-10 10:05 AZ       Ben        142 K

sh_br2mm17   M-51Wh-B-100320100345.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   20-Mar-10 10:03 AZ       Ben        135 K

sh_br2ka01   M-81Sp-B-100320100044.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   20-Mar-10 10:00 AZ       Ben        146 K

sh_br2sg08   M-101S-B-100320095746.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   20-Mar-10 09:57 AZ       Ben        131 K

sh_nc1jc05   M-81Sp-B-100320095501.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   20-Mar-10 09:55 AZ       Ben        145 K

sh_nc1jc05   M-51Wh-B-100320095253.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   20-Mar-10 09:52 AZ       Ben        129 K

sh_br2jf05   M-51Wh-B-100320095113.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   20-Mar-10 09:51 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_br2bb02   M-51Wh-B-100320094818.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   20-Mar-10 09:48 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_br2hv21   M-101S-B-100320094546.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   20-Mar-10 09:45 AZ       Ben        131 K

sh_br2bw22   M-82Ir-B-100320094242.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   20-Mar-10 09:42 AZ       Ben        139 K

sh_br2vn18   M-51Wh-B-100320093913.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   20-Mar-10 09:39 AZ       Ben        129 K

sh_br2cm16   M-51Wh-B-100320093644.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   20-Mar-10 09:36 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_br2cc04   M-81Sp-B-100320093149.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   20-Mar-10 09:31 AZ       Ben        143 K

sh_br2kk13   M-82Ir-B-100320093012.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   20-Mar-10 09:30 AZ       Ben        137 K

sh_br2mc03   M-82Ir-B-100320092447.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   20-Mar-10 09:24 AZ       Ben        137 K

sh_br2eh10   M-101S-B-100320091818.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   20-Mar-10 09:18 AZ       Ben        131 K

sh_br2zp19   M-51Wh-B-100320091632.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   20-Mar-10 09:16 AZ       Ben        128 K

sh_br2dg07   M-82Ir-B-100320091421.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   20-Mar-10 09:14 AZ       Ben        135 K

sh_br2sl15   M-81Sp-B-100320091242.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   20-Mar-10 09:12 AZ       Ben        143 K

sh_br2jk14   M-51Wh-B-100320090949.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   20-Mar-10 09:09 AZ       Ben        127 K

sh_br2fh12   M-101S-B-100320090806.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   20-Mar-10 09:08 AZ       Ben        131 K

sh_br1ah08   M-82Ir-B-100320090554.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   20-Mar-10 09:05 AZ       Ben        134 K

sh_br1rw22   M-81Sp-B-100320085442.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   20-Mar-10 08:54 AZ       Ben        140 K

sh_br1pb03   M-51Wh-B-100320085113.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   20-Mar-10 08:51 AZ       Ben        127 K

ehayden      M-51Wh-B-100320084845.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   20-Mar-10 08:48 AZ       Ben        129 K

kylerob      M-82Ir-B-100320084542.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   20-Mar-10 08:45 AZ       Ben        135 K

sh_br1bl13   M-51Wh-B-100320084213.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   20-Mar-10 08:42 AZ       Ben        126 K

sh_br1ca01   M-51Wh-B-100320083944.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   20-Mar-10 08:39 AZ       Ben        127 K

sh_br1bw20   M-81Sp-B-100320083642.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   20-Mar-10 08:36 AZ       Ben        140 K

sh_br1mc05   M-51Wh-B-100320083316.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   20-Mar-10 08:33 AZ       Ben        126 K

sh_br1mo15   M-51Wh-B-100320083138.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   20-Mar-10 08:31 AZ       Ben        126 K

sh_br1gp16   M-81Sp-B-100320082910.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   20-Mar-10 08:29 AZ       Ben        102 K

sh_br1gp16   M-82Ir-B-100320082713.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   20-Mar-10 08:27 AZ       Ben        133 K

sh_br1ab02   M-82Ir-B-100320082144.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   20-Mar-10 08:21 AZ       Ben        133 K

sh_br1cc04   M-101S-B-100320081846.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   20-Mar-10 08:18 AZ       Ben        130 K

sh_br1sw21   M-82Ir-B-100320081542.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   20-Mar-10 08:15 AZ       Ben        133 K

sh_br1kl14   M-51Wh-B-100320081243.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   20-Mar-10 08:12 AZ       Ben        125 K

ls_sp6as02   M-51Wh-B-100320080209.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   20-Mar-10 08:02 AZ       Ben        124 K

sh_br1kg06   M-82Ir-B-100319081138.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   19-Mar-10 08:11 AZ       Ben        134 K

sh_br1sh10   M-82Ir-B-100319080955.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   19-Mar-10 08:09 AZ       Ben        136 K

sh_br1sh10   M-82Ir-B-100319080812.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   19-Mar-10 08:08 AZ       Ben        135 K

sh_br1js19   M-51Wh-B-100319080603.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   19-Mar-10 08:06 AZ       Ben        128 K

kprice2      M-81Sp-B-100319080445.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   19-Mar-10 08:04 AZ       Ben        082 K

sh_br1xx00   M-82Ir-B-100315091513.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   15-Mar-10 09:15 AZ       Ben        131 K

sh_br1xx00   M-81Sp-B-100315090942.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   15-Mar-10 09:09 AZ       Ben        137 K

sh_br1xx00   M-51Wh-B-100315090156.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   15-Mar-10 09:01 AZ       Ben        123 K

sh_nc2xx00   M-51Wh-B-100311090154.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   11-Mar-10 09:01 AZ       Ben        120 K

sh_nc1xx00   M-82Ir-B-100311051705.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   11-Mar-10 05:17 AZ       Ben        130 K

ffs          NGC891-B-100303050127.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   03-Mar-10 05:01 AZ       Ben        203 K

ffs          M-51Wh-B-100303045222.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   03-Mar-10 04:52 AZ       Ben        239 K

ffs          M-33Sp-B-100303035349.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   03-Mar-10 03:53 AZ       Ben        173 K

lh_jh1po14   M-81Sp-B-100225080214.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   25-Feb-10 08:02 AZ       Ben        234 K

lh_jh1be15   M-51Wh-B-100225063601.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   25-Feb-10 06:36 AZ       Ben        246 K

bh_am1mh09   M-51Wh-B-100225060014.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   25-Feb-10 06:00 AZ       Ben        217 K

bh_am1ks21   M-51Wh-B-100224104514.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   24-Feb-10 10:45 AZ       Ben        124 K

lh_jh1co10   M-101S-B-100224070202.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   24-Feb-10 07:02 AZ       Ben        158 K

lh_jhfr08    M-51Wh-B-100224070014.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   24-Feb-10 07:00 AZ       Ben        154 K

lh_h1du03    M-51Wh-B-100224063322.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   24-Feb-10 06:33 AZ       Ben        157 K

lh_jh1ha06   M-101S-B-100224060016.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   24-Feb-10 06:00 AZ       Ben        187 K

lh_jh1kh12   M-81Sp-B-100224054547.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   24-Feb-10 05:45 AZ       Ben        184 K

lh_hj1al11   M-51Wh-B-100224053914.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   24-Feb-10 05:39 AZ       Ben        180 K

lh_h1so05    M-82Ir-B-100224051213.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   24-Feb-10 05:12 AZ       Ben        074 K

lh_jh1re07   M-81Sp-B-100224050123.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   24-Feb-10 05:01 AZ       Ben        192 K

lh_h1so05    M-33Sp-B-100224045514.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   24-Feb-10 04:55 AZ       Ben        082 K

lh_jh1he04   M-81Sp-B-100224045222.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   24-Feb-10 04:52 AZ       Ben        199 K

lh_h1so05    M-33Sp-B-100224044945.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   24-Feb-10 04:49 AZ       Ben        086 K

lh_jh1ng13   M-101S-B-100224042746.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   24-Feb-10 04:27 AZ       Ben        194 K

lh_jh1mo09   M-82Ir-B-100224040147.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   24-Feb-10 04:01 AZ       Ben        169 K

lh_jh1ro01   M-33Sp-B-100224024623.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   24-Feb-10 02:46 AZ       Ben        203 K

lh_jh1ha02   M-82Ir-B-100224023137.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   24-Feb-10 02:31 AZ       Ben        173 K

bh_am5cc04   M-51Wh-B-100223083744.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   23-Feb-10 08:37 AZ       Ben        162 K

bh_am2zc01   M-51Wh-B-100223080140.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   23-Feb-10 08:01 AZ       Ben        138 K

bh_am5bt23   M-51Wh-B-100223070613.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   23-Feb-10 07:06 AZ       Ben        144 K

bh_am5jc02   M-51Wh-B-100223063731.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   23-Feb-10 06:37 AZ       Ben        147 K

rkrumhansl   M-33Sp-B-100220050233.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   20-Feb-10 05:02 AZ       Ben        206 K

rickyg91     NGC891-B-100218211840.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   18-Feb-10 21:18 AZ       Ben        002 K

rickyg91     M-82Ir-B-100218211502.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   18-Feb-10 21:15 AZ       Ben        002 K

rickyg91     M-81Sp-B-100218211347.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   18-Feb-10 21:13 AZ       Ben        002 K

stepht92     M-81Sp-B-100218211231.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   18-Feb-10 21:12 AZ       Ben        002 K

stepht92     M-82Ir-B-100218211115.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   18-Feb-10 21:11 AZ       Ben        002 K

rickyg91     M-33Sp-B-100218210850.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   18-Feb-10 21:08 AZ       Ben        002 K

stepht92     NGC891-B-100218210725.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   18-Feb-10 21:07 AZ       Ben        002 K

stepht92     NGC891-B-100218205853.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   18-Feb-10 20:58 AZ       Ben        002 K

stepht92     M-82Ir-B-100218205450.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   18-Feb-10 20:54 AZ       Ben        002 K

stepht92     M-81Sp-B-100218204821.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   18-Feb-10 20:48 AZ       Ben        002 K

stepht92     M-33Sp-B-100218204302.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   18-Feb-10 20:43 AZ       Ben        002 K

bh_amsdr17   M-51Wh-B-100210065713.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   10-Feb-10 06:57 AZ       Ben        128 K

bh_am5jd05   M-51Wh-B-100210065153.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   10-Feb-10 06:51 AZ       Ben        125 K

bh_am1cp14   M-81Sp-B-100210061420.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   10-Feb-10 06:14 AZ       Ben        134 K

bh_am2js19   M-51Wh-B-100210060421.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   10-Feb-10 06:04 AZ       Ben        128 K

bh_am2xxoo   M-33Sp-B-100210051813.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   10-Feb-10 05:18 AZ       Ben        162 K

bh_am1br16   M-33Sp-B-100210051338.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   10-Feb-10 05:13 AZ       Ben        159 K

bh_am1br16   M-51Wh-B-100210050613.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   10-Feb-10 05:06 AZ       Ben        133 K

bh_am2ss21   M-51Wh-B-100210050403.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   10-Feb-10 05:04 AZ       Ben        139 K

bh_am1jt23   M-81Sp-B-100210050147.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   10-Feb-10 05:01 AZ       Ben        136 K

bh_am1br16   M-81Sp-B-100210040716.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   10-Feb-10 04:07 AZ       Ben        140 K

bh_am5jc02   M-81Sp-B-100210040530.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   10-Feb-10 04:05 AZ       Ben        142 K

bh_am1aa02   M-82Ir-B-100209132744.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   09-Feb-10 13:27 AZ       Ben        273 K

bh_am1jm11   M-81Sp-B-100209132600.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   09-Feb-10 13:26 AZ       Ben        261 K

bh_am5cc03   M-51Wh-B-100209104232.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   09-Feb-10 10:42 AZ       Ben        125 K

bh_am1pn13   M-51Wh-B-100209102737.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   09-Feb-10 10:27 AZ       Ben        068 K

bh_am1sc04   M-101S-B-100209100849.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   09-Feb-10 10:08 AZ       Ben        128 K

bh_am1sc04   M-51Wh-B-100209100701.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   09-Feb-10 10:07 AZ       Ben        126 K

bh_am5sg10   M-81Sp-B-100209100448.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   09-Feb-10 10:04 AZ       Ben        135 K

bh_am5mp16   M-81Sp-B-100209100306.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   09-Feb-10 10:03 AZ       Ben        136 K

bh_am1sc04   M-51Wh-B-100209100148.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   09-Feb-10 10:01 AZ       Ben        075 K

bh_am5am12   M-51Wh-B-100209082744.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   09-Feb-10 08:27 AZ       Ben        123 K

bh_am5ts21   M-81Sp-B-100209082324.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   09-Feb-10 08:23 AZ       Ben        131 K

bh_am5df08   M-81Sp-B-100209082142.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   09-Feb-10 08:21 AZ       Ben        131 K

bh_am5pb01   M-51Wh-B-100209075233.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   09-Feb-10 07:52 AZ       Ben        121 K

bh_am3dr20   M-82Ir-B-100209065442.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   09-Feb-10 06:54 AZ       Ben        123 K

bh_am2kd04   M-51Wh-B-100209063313.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   09-Feb-10 06:33 AZ       Ben        124 K

bh_am4mm18   M-51Wh-B-100209063045.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   09-Feb-10 06:30 AZ       Ben        124 K

bh_am5rs20   M-82Ir-B-100209061242.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   09-Feb-10 06:12 AZ       Ben        123 K

bh_am5am11   M-51Wh-B-100209061021.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   09-Feb-10 06:10 AZ       Ben        125 K

bh_am2kg08   M-51Wh-B-100209053313.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   09-Feb-10 05:33 AZ       Ben        130 K

bh_am1ci10   M-51Wh-B-100209053013.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   09-Feb-10 05:30 AZ       Ben        130 K

bh_am1cs19   M-51Wh-B-100209052716.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   09-Feb-10 05:27 AZ       Ben        129 K

bh_am5cf09   M-51Wh-B-100209052113.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   09-Feb-10 05:21 AZ       Ben        132 K

bh_am5tm14   M-51Wh-B-100209051518.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   09-Feb-10 05:15 AZ       Ben        130 K

bh_am5sg10   M-101S-B-100209051247.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   09-Feb-10 05:12 AZ       Ben        136 K

bh_am5mp15   M-81Sp-B-100209050943.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   09-Feb-10 05:09 AZ       Ben        133 K

bh_am2mf05   M-51Wh-B-100209050705.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   09-Feb-10 05:07 AZ       Ben        131 K

bh_am1pn13   M-51Wh-B-100209050523.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   09-Feb-10 05:05 AZ       Ben        135 K

bh_am1ks21   NGC891-B-100209050225.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   09-Feb-10 05:02 AZ       Ben        146 K

bh_am2kc03   M-33Sp-B-100209042323.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   09-Feb-10 04:23 AZ       Ben        160 K

bh_am5pv23   M-81Sp-B-100209032536.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   09-Feb-10 03:25 AZ       Ben        137 K

bh_am1sc04   M-51Wh-B-100208131639.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   08-Feb-10 13:16 AZ       Ben        092 K

bh_am1pn13   M-51Wh-B-100208131549.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   08-Feb-10 13:15 AZ       Ben        096 K

bh_am1jg06   M-51Wh-B-100208131357.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   08-Feb-10 13:13 AZ       Ben        147 K

bh_am2kr17   M-51Wh-B-100206103045.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   06-Feb-10 10:30 AZ       Ben        137 K

bh_am4cc05   M-82Ir-B-100206101120.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   06-Feb-10 10:11 AZ       Ben        141 K

bh_am3kb01   M-51Wh-B-100206080018.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   06-Feb-10 08:00 AZ       Ben        130 K

bh_am1kb03   M-101S-B-100206073434.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   06-Feb-10 07:34 AZ       Ben        136 K

bh_am1rs20   M-81Sp-B-100206073217.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   06-Feb-10 07:32 AZ       Ben        140 K

bh_am2km11   M-81Sp-B-100206065412.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   06-Feb-10 06:54 AZ       Ben        138 K

bh_am2bg06   M-82Ir-B-100206065112.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   06-Feb-10 06:51 AZ       Ben        132 K

bh_am3jg08   M-82Ir-B-100206064813.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   06-Feb-10 06:48 AZ       Ben        132 K

bh_am2jm13   M-81Sp-B-100206063912.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   06-Feb-10 06:39 AZ       Ben        141 K

bh_am2bh09   M-82Ir-B-100206063711.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   06-Feb-10 06:37 AZ       Ben        137 K

bh_am1jt23   NGC891-B-100206063112.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   06-Feb-10 06:31 AZ       Ben        158 K

bh_am2mw24   M-82Ir-B-100206062441.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   06-Feb-10 06:24 AZ       Ben        135 K

bh_amznv22   M-81Sp-B-100206062258.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   06-Feb-10 06:22 AZ       Ben        140 K

bh_amznv22   M-81Sp-B-100206062112.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   06-Feb-10 06:21 AZ       Ben        140 K

bh_am2mm12   M-81Sp-B-100206061213.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   06-Feb-10 06:12 AZ       Ben        138 K

bh_am2hr18   M-81Sp-B-100206060835.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   06-Feb-10 06:08 AZ       Ben        140 K

bh_am2js20   M-81Sp-B-100206053043.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   06-Feb-10 05:30 AZ       Ben        141 K

bh_am2yo16   M-101S-B-100206052713.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   06-Feb-10 05:27 AZ       Ben        171 K

bh_am2xxoo   M-101S-B-100206051520.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   06-Feb-10 05:15 AZ       Ben        175 K

bh_am2dm14   M-51Wh-B-100206050913.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   06-Feb-10 05:09 AZ       Ben        139 K

bh_am1ms18   M-51Wh-B-100206050138.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   06-Feb-10 05:01 AZ       Ben        153 K

bh_am1ba01   M-33Sp-B-100206044725.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   06-Feb-10 04:47 AZ       Ben        161 K

bh_am1sg05   M-33Sp-B-100206040220.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   06-Feb-10 04:02 AZ       Ben        158 K

bh_am2gg07   M-33Sp-B-100206021920.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   06-Feb-10 02:19 AZ       Ben        162 K

bh_am2ml10   M-82Ir-B-100206021627.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   06-Feb-10 02:16 AZ       Ben        150 K

bh_am2ss21   M-51Wh-B-100205140549.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   05-Feb-10 14:05 AZ       Ben        002 K

bh_am1cp15   M-51Wh-B-100205132007.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   05-Feb-10 13:20 AZ       Ben        174 K

bh_am4so20   M-81Sp-B-100205104213.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   05-Feb-10 10:42 AZ       Ben        149 K

bh_am4dr22   M-81Sp-B-100205101512.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   05-Feb-10 10:15 AZ       Ben        147 K

bh_am4za02   M-82Ir-B-100205100013.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   05-Feb-10 10:00 AZ       Ben        141 K

bh_am4rk14   M-81Sp-B-100205093042.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   05-Feb-10 09:30 AZ       Ben        145 K

bh_am3bt23   M-51Wh-B-100205091456.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   05-Feb-10 09:14 AZ       Ben        140 K

bh_am3jh10   M-81Sp-B-100205091243.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   05-Feb-10 09:12 AZ       Ben        144 K

bh_am3fm14   M-101S-B-100205090646.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   05-Feb-10 09:06 AZ       Ben        142 K

bh_am3ac04   M-81Sp-B-100205090212.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   05-Feb-10 09:02 AZ       Ben        145 K

bh_am4mg07   M-82Ir-B-100205081513.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   05-Feb-10 08:15 AZ       Ben        137 K

bh_am3jj11   M-81Sp-B-100205080519.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   05-Feb-10 08:05 AZ       Ben        143 K

bh_am3am18   M-81Sp-B-100205080338.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   05-Feb-10 08:03 AZ       Ben        143 K

bh_am3em17   M-81Sp-B-100205080156.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   05-Feb-10 08:01 AZ       Ben        143 K

bh_am3ic03   M-82Ir-B-100205080013.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   05-Feb-10 08:00 AZ       Ben        137 K

bh_am4am17   M-81Sp-B-100205073111.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   05-Feb-10 07:31 AZ       Ben        142 K

bh_am4ah10   M-51Wh-B-100205065829.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   05-Feb-10 06:58 AZ       Ben        135 K

bh_am4ch11   NGC891-B-100205064635.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   05-Feb-10 06:46 AZ       Ben        158 K

bh_am4kg08   M-101S-B-100205063318.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   05-Feb-10 06:33 AZ       Ben        143 K

bh_am3dm15   M-51Wh-B-100205063018.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   05-Feb-10 06:30 AZ       Ben        138 K

bh_am3mb02   M-101S-B-100205062746.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   05-Feb-10 06:27 AZ       Ben        141 K

bh_am3dv24   M-81Sp-B-100205061857.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   05-Feb-10 06:18 AZ       Ben        142 K

bh_am3rs22   M-81Sp-B-100205061242.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   05-Feb-10 06:12 AZ       Ben        143 K

bh_am4dp21   M-51Wh-B-100205060313.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   05-Feb-10 06:03 AZ       Ben        141 K

bh_am4ba01   M-51Wh-B-100205060015.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   05-Feb-10 06:00 AZ       Ben        142 K

bh_am4ek16   M-51Wh-B-100205055413.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   05-Feb-10 05:54 AZ       Ben        142 K

bh_am3cr21   M-51Wh-B-100205054938.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   05-Feb-10 05:49 AZ       Ben        145 K

bh_am3dd05   M-33Sp-B-100205053307.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   05-Feb-10 05:33 AZ       Ben        167 K

bh_am4tb03   M-51Wh-B-100205052959.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   05-Feb-10 05:29 AZ       Ben        147 K

bh_am4jj13   M-81Sp-B-100205052743.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   05-Feb-10 05:27 AZ       Ben        142 K

bh_am4kh     M-51Wh-B-100205052113.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   05-Feb-10 05:21 AZ       Ben        151 K

bh_am3cn19   M-51Wh-B-100205051245.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   05-Feb-10 05:12 AZ       Ben        147 K

bh_am3ak13   M-81Sp-B-100205050723.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   05-Feb-10 05:07 AZ       Ben        143 K

bh_am4rw24   M-33Sp-B-100205050332.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   05-Feb-10 05:03 AZ       Ben        158 K

bh_am4ek15   M-33Sp-B-100205050148.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   05-Feb-10 05:01 AZ       Ben        164 K

bh_am4ms23   M-101S-B-100205044530.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   05-Feb-10 04:45 AZ       Ben        179 K

bh_am3sg07   M-81Sp-B-100205042014.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   05-Feb-10 04:20 AZ       Ben        144 K

bh_am4rd06   M-33Sp-B-100205041721.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   05-Feb-10 04:17 AZ       Ben        166 K

bh_am3pf06   M-33Sp-B-100205030212.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   05-Feb-10 03:02 AZ       Ben        165 K

bh_am4cc05   M-51Wh-B-100204165656.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   04-Feb-10 16:56 AZ       Ben        002 K

bh_am4kc04   M-81Sp-B-100204165421.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   04-Feb-10 16:54 AZ       Ben        002 K

bh_am3dv24   M-81Sp-B-100204152305.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   04-Feb-10 15:23 AZ       Ben        002 K

bh_am1cp15   M-51Wh-B-100202131702.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   02-Feb-10 13:17 AZ       Ben        226 K

ffs          M-82Ir-B-100201143658.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   01-Feb-10 14:36 AZ       Ben        258 K

bh_am2xxoo   M-81Sp-B-100130042900.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   30-Jan-10 04:29 AZ       Ben        312 K

jaimed_92    M-51Wh-B-091206201606.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   06-Dec-09 20:16 AZ       Ben        002 K

jaimed_92    NGC891-B-091205050420.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   05-Dec-09 05:04 AZ       Ben        172 K

jaimed_92    NGC891-B-091205050218.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   05-Dec-09 05:02 AZ       Ben        122 K

adiko        M-33Sp-B-091204055714.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   04-Dec-09 05:57 AZ       Ben        203 K

jg3830       M-33Sp-B-091204054822.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   04-Dec-09 05:48 AZ       Ben        202 K

jaimed_92    NGC891-B-091204051604.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   04-Dec-09 05:16 AZ       Ben        194 K

jaimed_92    NGC891-B-091204050632.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   04-Dec-09 05:06 AZ       Ben        138 K

jaimed_92    NGC891-B-091204050341.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   04-Dec-09 05:03 AZ       Ben        104 K

jaimed_92    M-33Sp-B-091204050158.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   04-Dec-09 05:01 AZ       Ben        087 K

cpsib        M-33Sp-B-091204004233.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   04-Dec-09 00:42 AZ       Ben        002 K

rickyg91     M-51Wh-B-091203222304.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   03-Dec-09 22:23 AZ       Ben        002 K

beefyman10   M-82Ir-B-091203215953.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   03-Dec-09 21:59 AZ       Ben        002 K

biznacho93   M-81Sp-B-091203215424.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   03-Dec-09 21:54 AZ       Ben        002 K

cpsib        M-33Sp-B-091203214711.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   03-Dec-09 21:47 AZ       Ben        002 K

ch_pc1eb01   M-101S-B-091126100113.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   26-Nov-09 10:01 AZ       Ben        150 K

ch_pc1ap09   M-51Wh-B-091125120128.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   25-Nov-09 12:01 AZ       Ben        096 K

chpc1sz14    M-51Wh-B-091125104319.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   25-Nov-09 10:43 AZ       Ben        097 K

ch_pc1kr11   M-81Sp-B-091125100505.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   25-Nov-09 10:05 AZ       Ben        099 K

ch_pc1ak06   M-33Sp-B-091125090040.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   25-Nov-09 09:00 AZ       Ben        165 K

ch_pc1kr11   M-33Sp-B-091125084522.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   25-Nov-09 08:45 AZ       Ben        090 K

ch_pc1rs12   M-81Sp-B-091125082813.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   25-Nov-09 08:28 AZ       Ben        143 K

ch_pc1sg04   M-82Ir-B-091125080645.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   25-Nov-09 08:06 AZ       Ben        139 K

ch_pc1ak06   M-82Ir-B-091125080505.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   25-Nov-09 08:05 AZ       Ben        140 K

ch_pc1xx00   M-33Sp-B-091125080214.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   25-Nov-09 08:02 AZ       Ben        164 K

ch_pc1rm08   M-33Sp-B-091125012230.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   25-Nov-09 01:22 AZ       Ben        192 K

ch_pc1bm07   M-82Ir-B-091121043126.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   21-Nov-09 04:31 AZ       Ben        139 K

ch_pc1bp10   NGC891-B-091121030521.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   21-Nov-09 03:05 AZ       Ben        155 K

ch_pc1mj05   M-33Sp-B-091121010439.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   21-Nov-09 01:04 AZ       Ben        274 K

ch_pc1mj05   M-33Sp-B-091121010351.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   21-Nov-09 01:03 AZ       Ben        203 K

ch_pc1mj05   M-82Ir-B-091121003113.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   21-Nov-09 00:31 AZ       Ben        002 K

ch_pc1xx00   NGC891-B-091121000736.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   21-Nov-09 00:07 AZ       Ben        002 K

ch_pc1as13   M-101S-B-091120181816.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   20-Nov-09 18:18 AZ       Ben        002 K

ch_pc1as13   M-101S-B-091120181610.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   20-Nov-09 18:16 AZ       Ben        002 K

ch_pc1as13   M-101S-B-091120180310.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   20-Nov-09 18:03 AZ       Ben        002 K

ch_pc1bm07   M-51Wh-B-091120174734.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   20-Nov-09 17:47 AZ       Ben        002 K

majkp1kg02   NGC891-B-091119035804.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   19-Nov-09 03:58 AZ       Ben        150 K

wp_jb1th11   M-101S-B-091118164901.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   18-Nov-09 16:49 AZ       Ben        002 K

ssunbury     M-101S-B-091117010308.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   17-Nov-09 01:03 AZ       Ben        002 K

wp_jb2em14   M-82Ir-B-091114091649.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   14-Nov-09 09:16 AZ       Ben        096 K

wp_jb3jc03   M-81Sp-B-091113054631.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   13-Nov-09 05:46 AZ       Ben        136 K

wp_jb1kz28   M-82Ir-B-091113030617.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   13-Nov-09 03:06 AZ       Ben        266 K

wp_jb1ig09   M-82Ir-B-091113030123.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   13-Nov-09 03:01 AZ       Ben        246 K

wp_jb1ec04   M-33Sp-B-091113025458.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   13-Nov-09 02:54 AZ       Ben        146 K

fdeutsch     M-33Sp-B-091112113251.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   12-Nov-09 11:32 AZ       Ben        106 K

fdeutsch     M-82Ir-B-091112080250.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   12-Nov-09 08:02 AZ       Ben        163 K

wp_jb3jc03   NGC891-B-091112064519.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   12-Nov-09 06:45 AZ       Ben        157 K

fdeutsch     M-33Sp-B-091111233051.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   11-Nov-09 23:30 AZ       Ben        002 K

fdeutsch     M-82Ir-A-091109181749.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-A-   09-Nov-09 18:17 MA       Annie      170 K

wp_jb1je05   NGC891-B-091109070047.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   09-Nov-09 07:00 AZ       Ben        129 K

wp_jb3jc03   M-82Ir-B-091108060112.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   08-Nov-09 06:01 AZ       Ben        155 K

ls_ah3am14   M-33Sp-B-091106080422.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   06-Nov-09 08:04 AZ       Ben        210 K

ls_ah3pc04   M-82Ir-B-091106080113.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   06-Nov-09 08:01 AZ       Ben        192 K

ls_ah3ek10   NGC891-B-091106074313.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   06-Nov-09 07:43 AZ       Ben        180 K

ls_ah3jc05   M-82Ir-B-091106071813.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   06-Nov-09 07:18 AZ       Ben        194 K

ls_ah3jk11   M-81Sp-B-091106070112.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   06-Nov-09 07:01 AZ       Ben        202 K

ls_ah3mk12   NGC891-B-091106065713.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   06-Nov-09 06:57 AZ       Ben        182 K

ls_ah3md06   NGC891-B-091106064212.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   06-Nov-09 06:42 AZ       Ben        187 K

ls_ah3eh09   NGC891-B-091106063113.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   06-Nov-09 06:31 AZ       Ben        178 K

ls_ah3ss22   M-82Ir-B-091106061705.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   06-Nov-09 06:17 AZ       Ben        200 K

ls_ah3kt23   M-82Ir-B-091106054405.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   06-Nov-09 05:44 AZ       Ben        203 K

ls_ah3ee08   M-82Ir-B-091106052905.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   06-Nov-09 05:29 AZ       Ben        204 K

ls_ah3jr18   M-33Sp-B-091106050313.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   06-Nov-09 05:03 AZ       Ben        205 K

ls_ah3xxoo   M-33Sp-B-091106050059.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   06-Nov-09 05:00 AZ       Ben        205 K

ls_ah3eb03   M-82Ir-B-091106045531.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   06-Nov-09 04:55 AZ       Ben        206 K

ls_ah3st24   M-82Ir-B-091106042413.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   06-Nov-09 04:24 AZ       Ben        175 K

ls_ah3eo15   M-81Sp-B-091106042005.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   06-Nov-09 04:20 AZ       Ben        211 K

ls_ah3gv25   M-81Sp-B-091106030050.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   06-Nov-09 03:00 AZ       Ben        162 K

ls_ah3es19   M-101S-B-091106020449.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   06-Nov-09 02:04 AZ       Ben        175 K

ls_ah3md07   M-101S-B-091106020310.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   06-Nov-09 02:03 AZ       Ben        178 K

wp_jb1hf08   M-81Sp-B-091105161203.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   05-Nov-09 16:12 AZ       Ben        002 K

wp_jb1th11   M-82Ir-B-091105031808.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   05-Nov-09 03:18 AZ       Ben        294 K

wp_jb1af06   M-33Sp-B-091104080209.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   04-Nov-09 08:02 AZ       Ben        223 K

wp_jb3jc03   M-82Ir-B-091104062844.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   04-Nov-09 06:28 AZ       Ben        185 K

wp_jb3dg10   M-33Sp-B-091104061053.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   04-Nov-09 06:10 AZ       Ben        242 K

wp_jb2ap18   M-82Ir-B-091104060428.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   04-Nov-09 06:04 AZ       Ben        222 K

kprice       M-81Sp-B-091104054049.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   04-Nov-09 05:40 AZ       Ben        228 K

wp_jb2ar19   M-81Sp-B-091102193008.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   02-Nov-09 19:30 AZ       Ben        002 K

wp_jb4cs25   M-82Ir-B-091102164224.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   02-Nov-09 16:42 AZ       Ben        002 K

wp_jb2mm12   NGC891-B-091102065012.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   02-Nov-09 06:50 AZ       Ben        193 K

wp_jb2aw29   M-82Ir-B-091101175941.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   01-Nov-09 17:59 AZ       Ben        002 K

wp_jb2aw29   M-51Wh-B-091101175823.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   01-Nov-09 17:58 AZ       Ben        002 K

wp_jb2jp16   M-82Ir-B-091101030503.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   01-Nov-09 03:05 AZ       Ben        147 K

wp_jb1kc03   M-82Ir-B-091031104358.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   31-Oct-09 10:43 AZ       Ben        090 K

wp_jb2ac05   M-81Sp-B-091031100155.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   31-Oct-09 10:01 AZ       Ben        111 K

wp_jb1ja01   NGC891-B-091031090228.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   31-Oct-09 09:02 AZ       Ben        138 K

wp_jb2sd06   M-82Ir-B-091031070500.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   31-Oct-09 07:05 AZ       Ben        196 K

wp_jb1bo17   M-81Sp-B-091031064350.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   31-Oct-09 06:43 AZ       Ben        092 K

wp_jb1ls24   M-82Ir-B-091031060131.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   31-Oct-09 06:01 AZ       Ben        205 K

wp_jb1dw27   NGC891-B-091031053632.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   31-Oct-09 05:36 AZ       Ben        180 K

wp_jb1bo17   M-81Sp-B-091031044950.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   31-Oct-09 04:49 AZ       Ben        095 K

wp_jb1lt26   M-33Sp-B-091031033040.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   31-Oct-09 03:30 AZ       Ben        249 K

wp_jb1th11   M-33Sp-B-091031031522.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   31-Oct-09 03:15 AZ       Ben        255 K

wp_jb1zf07   M-82Ir-B-091031030130.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   31-Oct-09 03:01 AZ       Ben        264 K

wp_jb1sm16   M-81Sp-B-091031024649.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   31-Oct-09 02:46 AZ       Ben        124 K

wp_jb1jm15   M-101S-B-091031020549.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   31-Oct-09 02:05 AZ       Ben        111 K

wp_jb1mp19   M-81Sp-B-091031020131.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   31-Oct-09 02:01 AZ       Ben        246 K

wp_jb1kk13   M-51Wh-B-091031013918.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   31-Oct-09 01:39 AZ       Ben        205 K

wp_jb2kl09   M-101S-B-091031011432.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   31-Oct-09 01:14 AZ       Ben        002 K

wp_jb1jk4    M-81Sp-B-091031011026.GIF       Info M-81 Sp-B-   31-Oct-09 01:10 AZ       Ben        002 K

wp_jb1jk4    M-101S-B-091031010629.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   31-Oct-09 01:06 AZ       Ben        002 K

wp_jb1mg10   M-51Wh-B-091031010445.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   31-Oct-09 01:04 AZ       Ben        002 K

wp_jb1bb02   M-101S-B-091031010300.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   31-Oct-09 01:03 AZ       Ben        002 K

wp_jb1gs25   NGC891-A-091030220129.GIF       Info NGC 891-A-   30-Oct-09 22:01 MA       Annie      002 K

wp_jb2as22   M-51Wh-B-091030172206.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   30-Oct-09 17:22 AZ       Ben        002 K

wp_jb1ek12   M-51Wh-B-091030153843.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-B-   30-Oct-09 15:38 AZ       Ben        002 K

fdeutsch     M-82Ir-B-091028080121.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   28-Oct-09 08:01 AZ       Ben        122 K

kprice       NGC891-B-091028030144.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   28-Oct-09 03:01 AZ       Ben        196 K

kprice       NGC891-B-091027040127.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   27-Oct-09 04:01 AZ       Ben        171 K

ma_jk1jm02   NGC891-B-091027010650.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   27-Oct-09 01:06 AZ       Ben        002 K

ma_jk1jb03   M-82Ir-B-091024063130.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   24-Oct-09 06:31 AZ       Ben        159 K

ma_jk1jm02   NGC891-B-091024062445.GIF       Info NGC 891-B-   24-Oct-09 06:24 AZ       Ben        121 K

rkrumhansl   M-33Sp-B-091018080154.GIF       Info M-33 Sp-B-   18-Oct-09 08:01 AZ       Ben        185 K

fdeutsch2    M-82Ir-B-091009110130.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   09-Oct-09 11:01 AZ       Ben        174 K

fdeutsch2    M-82Ir-B-091009080117.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   09-Oct-09 08:01 MA       Annie      002 K

fdeutsch     M-101S-B-091008200332.GIF       Info M-101 S-B-   08-Oct-09 20:03 AZ       Ben        002 K

fdeutsch     M-82Ir-B-091001050402.GIF       Info M-82 Ir-B-   01-Oct-09 05:04 AZ       Ben        222 K

fdeutsch     M-51Wh-A-090930010124.GIF       Info M-51 Wh-A-   30-Sep-09 01:01 MA       Annie      297 K