Image Archive Directory (Other Worlds Dark Frames)

This directory contains PAST images taken by the MicroObservatory Telescopes.

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Images are currently sorted by File Date

Username     Image Filename                  Info Object       Date            Location Telescope  Size

ffs          Dark-B-100630080914.GIF         Info Dark-B-      30-Jun-10 08:09 AZ       Ben        154 K

ffs          Dark-B-100630080623.GIF         Info Dark-B-      30-Jun-10 08:06 AZ       Ben        153 K

ffs          Dark-B-100630054214.GIF         Info Dark-B-      30-Jun-10 05:42 AZ       Ben        154 K

ffs          Dark-B-100630053727.GIF         Info Dark-B-      30-Jun-10 05:37 AZ       Ben        155 K

ma_jk3ab03   Dark-B-100529041223.GIF         Info Dark-B-      29-May-10 04:12 AZ       Ben        125 K

ma_jk2mb03   Dark-B-100516010312.GIF         Info Dark-B-      16-May-10 01:03 AZ       Ben        174 K

ma_jk2mb03   Dark-B-100516010133.GIF         Info Dark-B-      16-May-10 01:01 AZ       Ben        174 K

mrs          Dark-B-100513080212.GIF         Info Dark-B-      13-May-10 08:02 AZ       Ben        093 K

mrs          Dark-B-100513071647.GIF         Info Dark-B-      13-May-10 07:16 AZ       Ben        094 K

ls_sp4sr20   Dark-B-100508082723.GIF         Info Dark-B-      08-May-10 08:27 AZ       Ben        118 K

ls_sp1kf05   Dark-B-100508082315.GIF         Info Dark-B-      08-May-10 08:23 AZ       Ben        118 K

ls_sp2ag11   Dark-B-100507105422.GIF         Info Dark-B-      07-May-10 10:54 AZ       Ben        103 K

ls_sp3ls18   Dark-B-100507074222.GIF         Info Dark-B-      07-May-10 07:42 AZ       Ben        102 K

ls_sp2ag11   Dark-B-100506105412.GIF         Info Dark-B-      06-May-10 10:54 AZ       Ben        112 K

ls_sp3ls18   Dark-B-100506105122.GIF         Info Dark-B-      06-May-10 10:51 AZ       Ben        113 K

mb_de1xx00   Dark-B-100504123624.GIF         Info Dark-B-      04-May-10 12:36 AZ       Ben        086 K

mb_de1xx00   Dark-B-100504100752.GIF         Info Dark-B-      04-May-10 10:07 AZ       Ben        091 K

rgould       Dark-B-100502103313.GIF         Info Dark-B-      02-May-10 10:33 AZ       Ben        088 K

rgould       Dark-B-100502103022.GIF         Info Dark-B-      02-May-10 10:30 AZ       Ben        086 K

mb_de1xx00   Dark-B-100430122422.GIF         Info Dark-B-      30-Apr-10 12:24 AZ       Ben        075 K

mb_de1xx00   Dark-B-100430083013.GIF         Info Dark-B-      30-Apr-10 08:30 AZ       Ben        078 K

mb_de1xx00   Dark-B-100430082422.GIF         Info Dark-B-      30-Apr-10 08:24 AZ       Ben        078 K

ffs          Dark-B-100426125712.GIF         Info Dark-B-      26-Apr-10 12:57 AZ       Ben        091 K

ffs          Dark-B-100426125422.GIF         Info Dark-B-      26-Apr-10 12:54 AZ       Ben        092 K

ffs          Dark-B-100426102713.GIF         Info Dark-B-      26-Apr-10 10:27 AZ       Ben        089 K

ffs          Dark-B-100426102530.GIF         Info Dark-B-      26-Apr-10 10:25 AZ       Ben        090 K

majkp209     Dark-B-100417064522.GIF         Info Dark-B-      17-Apr-10 06:45 AZ       Ben        088 K

majkp213     Dark-B-100417052727.GIF         Info Dark-B-      17-Apr-10 05:27 AZ       Ben        096 K

sh_br1xx00   Dark-B-100322091822.GIF         Info Dark-B-      22-Mar-10 09:18 AZ       Ben        081 K

sh_nc1xx00   Dark-B-100318065819.GIF         Info Dark-B-      18-Mar-10 06:58 AZ       Ben        101 K

exoplanet    HATP12100305134313.GIF          Info HATP12       05-Mar-10 13:43 AZ       Ben        075 K

exoplanet    HATP12100305134113.GIF          Info HATP12       05-Mar-10 13:41 AZ       Ben        076 K

exoplanet    HATP12100305133922.GIF          Info HATP12       05-Mar-10 13:39 AZ       Ben        076 K

exoplanet    HATP12100305110231.GIF          Info HATP12       05-Mar-10 11:02 AZ       Ben        078 K

exoplanet    HATP12100305110052.GIF          Info HATP12       05-Mar-10 11:00 AZ       Ben        077 K

exoplanet    HATP12100305105913.GIF          Info HATP12       05-Mar-10 10:59 AZ       Ben        077 K

exoplanet    HATP12100305105713.GIF          Info HATP12       05-Mar-10 10:57 AZ       Ben        078 K

exoplanet    HATP12100305105516.GIF          Info HATP12       05-Mar-10 10:55 AZ       Ben        077 K

exoplanet    TrES3100305105313.GIF           Info TrES3        05-Mar-10 10:53 AZ       Ben        077 K

exoplanet    TrES3100305105113.GIF           Info TrES3        05-Mar-10 10:51 AZ       Ben        078 K

exoplanet    TrES3100305104913.GIF           Info TrES3        05-Mar-10 10:49 AZ       Ben        077 K

exoplanet    TrES3100305104659.GIF           Info TrES3        05-Mar-10 10:46 AZ       Ben        077 K

exoplanet    TrES3100305104521.GIF           Info TrES3        05-Mar-10 10:45 AZ       Ben        078 K

exoplanet    TrES3100305084252.GIF           Info TrES3        05-Mar-10 08:42 AZ       Ben        078 K

exoplanet    TrES3100305084113.GIF           Info TrES3        05-Mar-10 08:41 AZ       Ben        078 K

exoplanet    TrES3100305083852.GIF           Info TrES3        05-Mar-10 08:38 AZ       Ben        078 K

exoplanet    TrES3100305083713.GIF           Info TrES3        05-Mar-10 08:37 AZ       Ben        078 K

exoplanet    TrES3100305083524.GIF           Info TrES3        05-Mar-10 08:35 AZ       Ben        079 K

ffs          Dark-B-100303080149.GIF         Info Dark-B-      03-Mar-10 08:01 AZ       Ben        080 K

bh_am2xxoo   Dark-B-100224120045.GIF         Info Dark-B-      24-Feb-10 12:00 AZ       Ben        077 K

bh_am2xxoo   Dark-B-100224104710.GIF         Info Dark-B-      24-Feb-10 10:47 AZ       Ben        076 K

bh_am2xxoo   Dark-B-100224101404.GIF         Info Dark-B-      24-Feb-10 10:14 AZ       Ben        079 K

bh_am2xxoo   Dark-B-100224090022.GIF         Info Dark-B-      24-Feb-10 09:00 AZ       Ben        076 K

bh_am2xxoo   Dark-B-100224080622.GIF         Info Dark-B-      24-Feb-10 08:06 AZ       Ben        078 K

bh_am2xxoo   Dark-B-100224063022.GIF         Info Dark-B-      24-Feb-10 06:30 AZ       Ben        078 K

bh_am2xxoo   Dark-B-100224053022.GIF         Info Dark-B-      24-Feb-10 05:30 AZ       Ben        078 K

bh_am2xxoo   Dark-B-100218105421.GIF         Info Dark-B-      18-Feb-10 10:54 AZ       Ben        088 K

bh_am2xxoo   Dark-B-100217125123.GIF         Info Dark-B-      17-Feb-10 12:51 AZ       Ben        096 K

ffs          Dark-B-100126110913.GIF         Info Dark-B-      26-Jan-10 11:09 AZ       Ben        087 K

ffs          Dark-B-100126110615.GIF         Info Dark-B-      26-Jan-10 11:06 AZ       Ben        086 K

ffs          Dark-B-100126110313.GIF         Info Dark-B-      26-Jan-10 11:03 AZ       Ben        085 K

ffs          Dark-B-100126110056.GIF         Info Dark-B-      26-Jan-10 11:00 AZ       Ben        085 K

df_sm2xxoo   Dark-B-091212023913.GIF         Info Dark-B-      12-Dec-09 02:39 AZ       Ben        092 K

df_sm2xxoo   Dark-B-091212023622.GIF         Info Dark-B-      12-Dec-09 02:36 AZ       Ben        093 K

df_sm1xxoo   Dark-B-091211035422.GIF         Info Dark-B-      11-Dec-09 03:54 AZ       Ben        082 K

df_sm1xxoo   Dark-B-091211013551.GIF         Info Dark-B-      11-Dec-09 01:35 AZ       Ben        086 K

df_sm1xxoo   Dark-B-091211013115.GIF         Info Dark-B-      11-Dec-09 01:31 AZ       Ben        091 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120114813.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 11:48 AZ       Ben        080 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120114513.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 11:45 AZ       Ben        079 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120114213.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 11:42 AZ       Ben        080 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120113913.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 11:39 AZ       Ben        080 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120113613.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 11:36 AZ       Ben        080 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120113313.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 11:33 AZ       Ben        079 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120113013.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 11:30 AZ       Ben        080 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120112713.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 11:27 AZ       Ben        080 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120112417.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 11:24 AZ       Ben        080 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120112237.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 11:22 AZ       Ben        081 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120101213.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 10:12 AZ       Ben        081 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120100913.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 10:09 AZ       Ben        081 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120100613.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 10:06 AZ       Ben        081 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120100313.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 10:03 AZ       Ben        081 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120100013.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 10:00 AZ       Ben        080 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120095713.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 09:57 AZ       Ben        080 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120095413.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 09:54 AZ       Ben        080 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120095113.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 09:51 AZ       Ben        081 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120094852.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 09:48 AZ       Ben        081 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120045713.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 04:57 AZ       Ben        088 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120045113.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 04:51 AZ       Ben        084 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120044813.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 04:48 AZ       Ben        088 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120044213.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 04:42 AZ       Ben        088 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120043913.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 04:39 AZ       Ben        088 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120043613.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 04:36 AZ       Ben        086 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120043313.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 04:33 AZ       Ben        088 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120043022.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 04:30 AZ       Ben        091 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120023613.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 02:36 AZ       Ben        095 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120023313.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 02:33 AZ       Ben        095 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120023013.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 02:30 AZ       Ben        096 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120022713.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 02:27 AZ       Ben        095 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120022413.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 02:24 AZ       Ben        097 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120022113.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 02:21 AZ       Ben        098 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120021813.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 02:18 AZ       Ben        096 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120021513.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 02:15 AZ       Ben        098 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120021213.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 02:12 AZ       Ben        097 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120020922.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 02:09 AZ       Ben        096 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120010613.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 01:06 AZ       Ben        098 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120010313.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 01:03 AZ       Ben        098 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120010013.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 01:00 AZ       Ben        099 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120005712.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 00:57 AZ       Ben        098 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120005413.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 00:54 AZ       Ben        098 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120005113.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 00:51 AZ       Ben        100 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120004857.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 00:48 AZ       Ben        098 K

ffs          Dark-B-091120004718.GIF         Info Dark-B-      20-Nov-09 00:47 AZ       Ben        099 K

wp_jb3aj14   Dark-B-091119093202.GIF         Info Dark-B-      19-Nov-09 09:32 AZ       Ben        089 K

ffs          Dark-B-091119070322.GIF         Info Dark-B-      19-Nov-09 07:03 AZ       Ben        089 K

ls_ah3xxoo   Dark-B-091119052713.GIF         Info Dark-B-      19-Nov-09 05:27 AZ       Ben        090 K

ls_ah3xxoo   Dark-B-091119052413.GIF         Info Dark-B-      19-Nov-09 05:24 AZ       Ben        091 K

ffs          Dark-B-091119052113.GIF         Info Dark-B-      19-Nov-09 05:21 AZ       Ben        088 K

ffs          Dark-B-091119051812.GIF         Info Dark-B-      19-Nov-09 05:18 AZ       Ben        092 K

ffs          Dark-B-091119051522.GIF         Info Dark-B-      19-Nov-09 05:15 AZ       Ben        090 K

wp_jb2sd06   Dark-B-091114100322.GIF         Info Dark-B-      14-Nov-09 10:03 AZ       Ben        088 K

ls_ah3xxoo   Dark-B-091114094213.GIF         Info Dark-B-      14-Nov-09 09:42 AZ       Ben        090 K

ls_ah3xxoo   Dark-B-091114093922.GIF         Info Dark-B-      14-Nov-09 09:39 AZ       Ben        090 K

wp_jb2sd06   Dark-B-091114090324.GIF         Info Dark-B-      14-Nov-09 09:03 AZ       Ben        090 K

ls_ah3xxoo   Dark-B-091114041552.GIF         Info Dark-B-      14-Nov-09 04:15 AZ       Ben        091 K

ls_ah3xxoo   Dark-B-091114041412.GIF         Info Dark-B-      14-Nov-09 04:14 AZ       Ben        091 K

wp_jb1kc03   Dark-B-091113021222.GIF         Info Dark-B-      13-Nov-09 02:12 AZ       Ben        112 K

wp_jb3aj14   Dark-B-091112203235.GIF         Info Dark-B-      12-Nov-09 20:32 AZ       Ben        160 K

wp_jb3aj14   Dark-B-091112201854.GIF         Info Dark-B-      12-Nov-09 20:18 AZ       Ben        150 K

kprice       Dark-B-091109065713.GIF         Info Dark-B-      09-Nov-09 06:57 AZ       Ben        100 K

kprice       Dark-B-091109064716.GIF         Info Dark-B-      09-Nov-09 06:47 AZ       Ben        100 K

ffs          Dark-B-091104081213.GIF         Info Dark-B-      04-Nov-09 08:12 AZ       Ben        118 K

ffs          Dark-B-091104080913.GIF         Info Dark-B-      04-Nov-09 08:09 AZ       Ben        118 K

ffs          Dark-B-091104080612.GIF         Info Dark-B-      04-Nov-09 08:06 AZ       Ben        119 K

ffs          Dark-B-091104080346.GIF         Info Dark-B-      04-Nov-09 08:03 AZ       Ben        118 K

ffs          Dark-B-091104080013.GIF         Info Dark-B-      04-Nov-09 08:00 AZ       Ben        118 K

ffs          Dark-B-091104032712.GIF         Info Dark-B-      04-Nov-09 03:27 AZ       Ben        126 K

ffs          Dark-B-091104032413.GIF         Info Dark-B-      04-Nov-09 03:24 AZ       Ben        127 K

ffs          Dark-B-091104032112.GIF         Info Dark-B-      04-Nov-09 03:21 AZ       Ben        128 K

ffs          Dark-B-091104031839.GIF         Info Dark-B-      04-Nov-09 03:18 AZ       Ben        128 K

ffs          Dark-B-091104031352.GIF         Info Dark-B-      04-Nov-09 03:13 AZ       Ben        127 K

wp_jb4xxoo   Dark-B-091101060023.GIF         Info Dark-B-      01-Nov-09 06:00 AZ       Ben        089 K

wp_jb4sg08   Dark-B-091101055132.GIF         Info Dark-B-      01-Nov-09 05:51 AZ       Ben        091 K

wp_jb4xxoo   Dark-B-091101020922.GIF         Info Dark-B-      01-Nov-09 02:09 AZ       Ben        097 K

wp_jb4xxoo   Dark-B-091031065721.GIF         Info Dark-B-      31-Oct-09 06:57 AZ       Ben        080 K

wp_jb4xxoo   Dark-B-091031021050.GIF         Info Dark-B-      31-Oct-09 02:10 AZ       Ben        084 K

ffs          Dark-B-091024035846.GIF         Info Dark-B-      24-Oct-09 03:58 AZ       Ben        108 K

mdussault    Dark-B-091001043323.GIF         Info Dark-B-      01-Oct-09 04:33 AZ       Ben        124 K

fdeutsch     Dark-A-090930210227.GIF         Info Dark-A-      30-Sep-09 21:02 MA       Annie      133 K