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Observer's Username: mdussault
Object: M-13 Globular cluster
Filenames: M-13Globular171207125720.GIF and M-13Globular171207125720.FITS
Date: Thu, Dec 07, 2017
Start Exposure: 05:57:20 AM
Reference Number: mdussault-12/06-12:16:02
Comments: MicroObservatory is run by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
Town: Amado
State: AZ
Country: USA
Telescope's Name: Ben
Camera: Main
Exposure Time: 45.00 sec.
Filter: Blue
Focus Value: 1275
Zoom: Out
Right Ascension: 16h 41.7m
Declination: 36 degrees 28 minutes
Altitude: 17 degrees 47.0 minutes
Azimuth: 57 degrees 37.3 minutes
Hour Angle: -7h 57.8m
Local Siderial Time: 03:38:37
Greenwich Mean Time: 12:57:20
End Exposure: 05:58:06 AM
Longitude: 110.88
Latitude: 31.68
Mode of Operation: Interactive over WWW.
Tracking: Sidereal
CCD Temp: 263.00
Ambient Temp: 279.00
Circuit Temp: n/a
Finder Offsets: none